Friday, 30 November 2018

Jubilee Tree

Following the Parish Meeting in October, Steve and Thomas have cut back the weeds that were growing around the tree, so the Jubilee Tree can be seen and can hopefully grow properly.

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Christmas At Bielby Church, Services, Carols & Concert

Christmas at Bielby Church: Services, Carols and Concert


Sun 2nd - Advent Sunday 9.15 am Holy Communion

Sat 8th - 7.30 pm ''Nowell, Nowell!''  Concert of old and traditional carols sung and played by Good Company.
                              Tickets £5  Mulled wine and mince pies available.

Sun 16th - 9.15 am Holy Communion

Sun 23rd - Bielby Carol Service 6.30 pm

Tues 25th - Christmas Day Communion 10.30 am

Sun 30th - 6th Day of Christmas 9.15 am Holy Communion


Sun 6th - Epiphany (the Arrival of the Wise Men) 9.15 am Holy Communion

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Carol Singing Donations 2018

At the last parish meeting we talked about which organisation should receive the proceeds from this years village carol singing.  Several suggestions were made and we decided that the money raised should support local children with mental health issues. I volunteered to source a project that would encompass all these elements. 
I couldn't find an existing suitable charity so I contacted Sharon Hogg, Head of Operations and Administration at Woldgate School and she explained about their Peer Mentor Programme. Peer Mentors support the mental health and well being of young people at Woldgate School.

Our donation would enable the training of more Peer Mentors  and fund resources to assist them in their work.
This is a link to the Peer Mentor Programme.

Although this isn't a registered charity, our local, young people could benefit from this project which would support them towards a safe and healthy future.
Paul, Ian and I would be pleased if the village agreed to support this project this year.
If you have any comments please feel free to get  in touch with me ( or Paul (318077) by Wednesday 5th December and why not join the Carol Singing on Wednesday 19th December starting outside Stoneleigh at 6pm.
Thank you,

Police Newsletters November 2018

Here is the latest information from Humberside Police.
Please click on the links:-
Pocklington Newsletter.
Wolds Weighton Newsletter.

Monday, 26 November 2018

Tinsel Time Tractor Run 2nd December 2018

The tinsel time tractor run is due through Bielby at 1pm on Sunday 2nd December 2018.

Daffodil Bulbs For Village

We have a bag of daffodil bulbs donated by the council. We would like them planting around the village so any suggestions where they should go would be appreciated and any help planting them would be even better.

Monday, 12 November 2018

Minutes Of October 2018 Parish Meeting

Please click on the link to see the minutes of the October Parish Meeting.

I have tried to post the document to the blog but when you copy and paste the document it doesn't fit onto the blogpost page and then editing the document in the blog post becomes problematic due to the code from the original document, so for your ease of reading please click on the link to read the minutes. Thanks.

Bielby Parish Meeting 29th October 2018 Treasurer Report

Bielby Parish Meeting
29th October 2018
Treasurer Report
  1. Financial Position

Current financial position as of 29th October 2018: £2,773.29

Estimated future receipts, 30th October 2018 to 31st March 2019: £250.00
Estimated future expenditure, 30th October 2018 to 31st March 2019: £1,642.00

Estimated year-end financial position as of 31st March 2019: £1,381.29

See attached financial accounts from 1st April 2018 through to 29th October 2018.
  1. 2018 Annual Governance and Accountability Return

Changes in the law allowed Bielby Parish Meeting to be granted a Certificate of
Exemption (for small authorities with annual income and expenditure
less than £25,000), with no requirement to submit the annual
return to the government-appointed External Auditor.
- The Certificate of Exemption was duly forwarded to the External Auditor.

As legally required, the “Notice of Public Rights and Publication
of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return” was duly
posted on the “Bielby Blog” and on the Village Notice Board
(at the bus shelter) between 1st June 2018 and 13th July 2018 for
review and comment of local electors.
- No comments, queries, objections or requests for further information
were received.

Thanks to the introduction by Valerie Nolton, Brenda Hardy agreed to
continue as volunteer internal auditor for the 2018-2019 financial year.
  1. Changes to banking

  • The NatWest branch in Pocklington closed.
  • Bielby Parish Meeting Account is now held at the NatWest branch
  • in Market Place, Beverley.
  • Upon resigning as Treasurer at end-April 2018, Valerie Nolton
  • authorised signatory status was relinquished.
  • Upon appointment as Treasurer at end-April 2018, Ian Ross became
  • an authorised signatory.
  • The legal requirement for two signatures for cheques was abolished
  • with repeal of Section 150(5) of the Local Government Act 1972.
  • Cheque signing authority has been revised to allow for cheques up to
  • £200.00 to be issued with only one authorised signature; however,
  • cheques for any amount over £200.00 still need two authorised signatures.
  • Repeal of Section 150(5) of the Local Government Act 1972 allows
  • authorities and organisations to utilise online banking (digital banking).
  • Bielby Parish Meeting has submitted an application to NatWest for digital
  • banking, allowing online payments rather than issuing cheques, and
  • online inspection of the account; this will be particularly beneficial considering
  • the NatWest branch in Pocklington has closed.
  • Land rental invoices for 2018-2019 allowed payment by bank transfer
  • as an alternative to payment by cheque; two of the four invoices were
  • paid by online bank transfers.    
  1. Precept and Land Rents

    1. Precept

The precept provided to Bielby Parish Meeting for 2018-2019, paid via Council
Tax, was increased by 30% (£452.56) to £1,965 from the 2017-2018
amount of £1512.44; this increase was proposed and agreed at the
Bielby Parish Meeting, 30 October 2017, Item 5, with no objections.

Unless unexpected items of significant expenditure arise between now
and 31st March 2019, the financial position is satisfactory; therefore, the
Treasurer recommends that the precept should remain at the present
rate with no further increase for 2019-2020.
- The Local Precept Demand to be issued to ERYC by the Chair
and Secretary following this meeting.

    1. Land Rents

Land Rents have remained unchanged for three years. At the previous Bielby
Parish Meeting of 23rd April 2018, the Treasurer recommended that the
Land Rents should be increased by 5% every three years, subject to annual
review, with the next increase being in 2019; this recommendation was accepted
by the meeting with no objections.

Notifications of the intention to increase Land Rents by 5% in 2019 were issued
with the Land Rent Invoices for 2018-2019, requesting any objections to be raised
at this meeting.

Further to the recommendation of the previous Treasurer in April 2018 to raise
Land Rents by 5% in 2019, Treasurer hereby recommends that such
an increase should be proposed, discussed and either confirmed or rejected
at this meeting so the position is clear for 2019.

The result of a 5% increase in Land Rents would be:
- £8.00 annual rent increasing by 40 p to £8.40
- £33.35 annual rent increasing by £1.67 to £35.02
- £66.70 annual rent increasing by £3.34 to £70.04
  1. Financial governance for items of significant expenditure

Bielby Parish Meeting has very few items of significant expenditure (say, over £500).
During 2017-2018, the only items of significant expenditure were:
  • £873.60 for clearing and maintenance of Bielby Beck.
  • £701.72 for four planters to be located in the village.

For such items of significant expenditure, the financial governance process has been:
  • Such items of expenditure are agreed in principle at the Bielby Parish
  • Meeting, with written minutes of the meeting.
  • Best value is obtained by a designated representative for Bielby Parish.
  • Invoices are subsequently issued by the supplier and paid by Bielby Parish.
  • All such payments are listed in the accounts which are presented at the
  • subsequent Bielby Parish Meeting and are available for audit.

However, the actual procurement of such items appears to have been
single sourced; that is, a supplier has been selected without any written
and auditable tendering process or consideration of potential alternative suppliers.

Procurement of items or services by single source award is not considered
good practice and could expose Bielby Parish Meeting, particularly the
Chair and Treasurer, to scrutiny, criticism, objections or demands for external audit.
It is accepted that single source awards are expedient and can be justified
with a local and trusted supplier; however, financial governance would be
improved if any such single source awards are justified with a written explanation
and agreed with the Bielby Parish Meeting so the matter is fully transparent and auditable.
  1. 2019-2020 Budget

There is a statutory requirement for all authorities (including smaller authorities
such as Parish Meetings) to prepare an annual budget.

Expenditure throughout the financial periods of 2017-2018 and 2018-2019
may be used as a guide for preparing a 2019-2020 Budget.

Treasurer requests that potential items of expenditure for 2019-2020 are
proposed, discussed and considered at this October meeting so that
such items can then be included in a 2019-2020 Budget to be prepared,
proposed and agreed (or rejected) at the Bielby Parish Meeting in April 2019.
Click on the link below to see the report and financial report.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Wolds Weighton Police Update October 2018

Wolds Weighton Update for October 2018

1. Crime and ASB

TFMV – Theft from motor vehicle
TOMV – Theft of motor vehicle
ASB – Anti-social behaviour

Detailed crime and ASB data for your area can be obtained by visiting and following the
‘Find your Neighbourhood’ link, also details of any particular crimes or series of crimes of note e.g.
serious assaults, run of Hanoi burglaries.
The figures shown give a mixed but largely negative picture of criminal activities in the ward.
The reduction of ASB in September from 17 in August down to 4 is something we are really
proud of, and a reflection of the work we have put in to target that specific problem. The year on
year increases should be viewed in the perspective of the low crime rates we have in the East
Riding where small increases in numbers of crime often reflect as huge percentage increases.
or example the highest rise in year on year crime is that of Theft of Motor Vehicles, a 60% increase.
This however is an increase by only 3 offences from 5 to 8. Any increase in crime is, however,
unacceptable and we will continue to work towards continuous reductions across all crime types.   

2 Crime issues of particular note
The following list shows some of the crimes that have occurred in the previous
month in your area.
  • A secure property in East Cottingwith was broken into and items stolen.

  • A garden shed was broken into in Market Weighton

  • A secure vehicle parked on the road in Market Weighton was broken into and a Sat Nav stolen.

  • A secure motorcycle was stolen in Fangfoss.

  • A secure property in Everingham was broken into and searched.

  • A secure property in Melbourne was broken into, searched and items stolen.

3. Community Priorities

The Neighbourhood Policing Team meet regularly with partners to ensure we have a multi-agency
approach to local issues, individuals and problem solving.  These meetings are regularly attended
by partners including Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, Youth and Family Support, Housing
Officers, Environmental Health and the East Riding Anti-Social Behaviour Team.  We share
information and resources to deal with local neighbourhood issues, in particular, those identified
as causing the most harm in the community.

  1. Market Weighton Town Centre area (Evenings):

Throughout October we are to continue our high visibility patrols of the Market Weighton Town
Centre area to deter potential anti-social behaviour (ASB). These patrols include regular checks
on the High Street and peripheral areas of Londesborough Road Car Park, Scotts Croft Memorial Park,
the town council building area and the area surrounding the Giant Bradley statue (periodic reports of
youths causing annoyance). Criminal offenders will be challenged robustly, arrested or reported for
summons. Penalty Notices for Disorder or warning letters may be used in appropriate cases however,
those who offend should expect to be arrested and dealt with if their anti social behaviour amounts to
criminal offending.

  1. Youths Causing Annoyance (Evenings):

Officers will continue patrols in the areas of Aspen Close, the park, the monkey run & football field due
to regular reports of low level anti-social behaviour. Anyone caught engaging in such activities will be
dealt with jointly with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

  1. Vehicle related nuisance

To reduce anti-social behaviour (ASB) and its impact on the communities within the Wolds Weighton
area as well as taking positive action against offenders who cause ASB with their vehicles.  Hotspot
areas will be checked regularly and any drivers using their cars to cause alarm or distress will be
considered for warnings and possible seizure of their vehicles under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act.  

4. Crime Reduction Advice

Be prepared.

With winter on its way and the evenings starting to get darker, please consider the suggestions below
and be prepared!

  1. Home

Don’t let a burglar think that no one is at home.  Always leave a light on in more than one room, eg
a bedroom, kitchen or lounge and consider leaving a radio on too.

Use timer switches so that the lights come on as it starts to get dark especially if you are at work or
going to be out all day. Change the times on the switches so that the lights come on at different times to create the illusion that someone is moving around inside the house.

Consider installing outside sensor lights that are activated by movement, especially at the back of your
property or dusk to dawn lighting that comes on automatically as it gets dark.

Ensure all doors and windows are locked and that no keys are left in doors or window locks.
Secure your garden with a fence and a lockable gate and don’t leave tools or ladders in the garden
which may assist a burglar.

  1. Cars

Make sure you check your lights before you set out in case a bulb has blown.
(You might even consider carrying a spare light bulb or two)

Make sure your window washer is full of water and screen wash and that there is anti- freeze
in your radiator.

Check the tyres. Have they got a decent amount of tread on them and are they at the correct pressure?
If in doubt, get them checked.

Are your registration plates and car lights clean or do they need a wash?

Think about what you might need if you break down in the cold.  Is there a blanket or a torch in the car?
Consider having a mobile phone with you too.

Do not leave any valuables in your car eg a satnav or dash cam (remember to remove the cradle and
any lasting sucker marks on the windscreen)

Never leave your keys in the ignition: a prime example is when paying for petrol or warming your car on
an icy morning.

5. News and appeals
Humberside Police last week started a photo of the week competition for officers and police staff to send in pictures to be judged. The first ever winners were PCSO’s Rosie EMERTON & Nicola CLIFFE who captured the below picture at Great Givendale.

Two seventeen year old boys have been charged with causing criminal damage. One admitted the offence and has been ordered to pay £280.00 compensation & £85.00 costs. The second boys will appear at Beverley magistrates for trial on 26th October 2018.

PC John DAY 1529 assisted the Market Weighton Secondary School with their 13 miles countryside walk challenge.

Speaking to local children in the Scotts Croft Park, they tell police the trouble has stopped and they can actually play in the park now. Picture tweeted.

CID are currently dealing with two males in custody following a burglary in High Catton on 12/10/18 where two off road bikes were stolen.

7 out of 8 people issued with fixed penalty tickets for littering and supplying alcohol to underage people have paid their fine and the one outstanding- will be considered for legal action.

6 Meet your officers
Police “Drop In Surgery” at Wetwang Village Hall Coffee Morning:
PCSO Laura Hudson will be available at the above location to discuss community issues and offer crime prevention advice between 10:30 to 12:00 hours on the following dates: 20th November.

Police “Drop In Surgery” at Market Weighton Methodist Church Coffee Morning:
PCSO Laura Hudson will be available at the above location to discuss community issues and offer crime prevention advice between 11:00 to 12:00 hours on the following dates: 21st November.