Friday, 29 June 2012

Bus Service To York

Angela has let me know about the early morning bus service X36 to York for anyone who doesn't know it exists, Angela didn't until it drove past early one morning back in May!

If you work in York its cheaper than paying for petrol and parking £4.95 for a day saver ticket, this will get you to and from work as well as any other Transdev bus service.

The bus comes through Bielby at 6.47am and arrives in York at 7.40am, the bus back sets off from York Station at 5.40pm and stops at all the usual stops the same as EYMS buses.

The route
Seaton Ross
Sutton in Derwent

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Shelving Wanted For Hearing Dogs For Deaf

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People desperately need shelving to store bedding etc. in their accommodation block. Does any one have some surplus shelving they can donate?

The shelving needs to be no taller than 40 inches due to a sloping ceiling but can be any length or width (but preferably as wide as possible).

If you can help, please contact Gemma Theakston at Hearing Dogs for Deaf People on: 01759 322299 or e-mail:

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Bielby Facebook Group

I have received an email from Angela who has created a Bielby group on facebook as it's another way of getting the villagers to be social.

Angela doesn't know many people in the village and thought it would be another way to get to know people and what's going on in the village.

Events and other info can be added to the group. If you are on facebook then you can take a look at the group via the following link

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Results of Friends Of St Giles' Church 100 club

St Giles' Bielby 100 Club

A big thankyou to everyone for supporting the 100 club. Through your generosity the church received £800 towards running costs.

The following is a list of the lucky winners:

July 2011 Sam Preston (ticket 94) £20
July 2011 Barbara Wilkinson (ticket 43) £10
August 2011 Mary Milner (ticket 30) £20
August 2011 the Clark Family (ticket 55) £10
September 2011 Sam Preston (ticket 94) £20
September 2011 Suzanne Rushton (ticket 99) £10
October 2011 Julia Dettmarr (ticket 5) £20
October 2011  Jim Laird (ticket 72) £10
November 2011 Jill Marshall (ticket 4) £20
November 2011 Suzanne Rushton (ticket 99) £10
December 2011 S & J Robinson (ticket 8) £50
December 2011 Alex Quigley (ticket 73) £50
January 2012 Sam Preston (ticket 94) £20

January 2012 Daniel Reed (ticket 81) £10
February 2012 David Todd (ticket 86) £20
February 2012 Pam Laird (ticket 71) £10
March 2012 Paul Audin (ticket 78) £20
March 2012 Julie Todd (ticket 87) £10
April 2012 Richard Marshall (ticket 27) £20
April 2012 L & M Hoggarth (ticket 22) £10
May 2012 Sandra Johnson (ticket 11) £20
May 2012 Sam Preston (ticket 94) £10
June 2012 Gareth Jones (ticket 18) £20
June 2012 Rachael Reed (ticket 82) £10

Anyone wishing to purchase a ticket for 2012/2013 please contact Bronwen at Sandybank.

Money spent last year:

Total Prize Money          £430
Donation To Church       £800
Licence & Printing costs £ 35

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Jubilee Quiz Winners

For those who entered the Royal Dingbats Quiz and the Diamond Jubilee Picture Quiz 2012 we wanted to announce the winners.

The Royal Dingbats Quiz was won by the Readman/Smith team so well done Janet, Neil, Shirley, Bernard & Mark with a score of 18/18.

We had a tie for top place with the Diamond Jubilee Picture Quiz 2012. The winning teams were a joint effort by the Noltons, Coes, Brittons as one team and the Bielby/Kexby Cravens as the other team both scoring a massive 42/46.

The answers to the Picture quiz were:

1) What momentous occasion was the Queen toasting? The Millenium

2) Which of the Queen’s children had just been born in 1950? Princess Anne

3) What event was taking place on 1st July 1969? Investiture of Charles as the Prince of Wales

4) Who was the Queen meeting in April 1955? Sir Winston Churchill

5) What was the Queen Mother celebrating on the 4th August 2000? 100th Birthday

6) Which of the Queen’s children had just been born in 1948? Prince Charles

7) When did the Queen accede to the throne? February 1952

8) Who was marrying on the 6th May 1960? Princess Margaret & Anthony Armstrong Jones

9) What year did Princess Diana die? 1997

10) Which of the Queen’s children had just been born in 1960? Prince Andrew

11) What year did Prince Charles & Camilla Parker Bowles get married? April 2005

12) What job did the Queen undertake during the Second World War? Truck Driver in ATS

13) What year did Princess Margaret die? February 2002

14) Which of the Queen’s children had just been born in 1964? Prince Edward

15) What was the Queen doing for the last time in 1997? Disembarks Royal Yacht Britannia

16) What event had just taken place in May 1937? Coronation of King George VI & Queen Elizabeth

17) Who was getting married in November 1973? Princess Anne & Lieutenant Mark Phillips

18) What year was the Queen born? 1926

19) Which of the Queen’s grandchildren had just been born in 1984? Prince Harry

20) What duty was the Queen undertaking to represent her empire for the first time in 1953? 1st Commonwealth Tour

 21) Who did Prince Edward marry in June 1999? Sophie Rhys Jones

22) What year did the Queen marry Prince Philip? November 1947

23) Which Royal building was on fire in November 1992? Windsor Castle

24) What Cunard liner was being launched in September 1967? QEII

25) What birthday was the Queen celebrating in this family portrait in 1944? 18th Birthday

26) What year was Prince William born? 21st June 1982

27) What sporting event was taking place at Edinburgh in July 1970? Commonwealth Games

28) Who married in July 1986? Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson

29) Who was the Queen honouring in November 1983? Mother Teresa

30) What duty was the Queen undertaking? Christmas Broadcast

31) Who was the Queen meeting in May 1982? Pope John Paul II

32) What event took place on the 2nd June 1953? Queen’s coronation

33) What year did Prince Charles & Lady Diana Spencer get married? 29th July 1981

34) Which country did the Queen fly in from following the death of her father King George VI? Kenya

35) What date did Prince William & Catherine Middleton get married? 29th April 2011

36) Who is the Queen’s first grandchild born in 1977? Peter Phillips

37) What event was being celebrated and what year was it? 1966 World Cup England V West Germany 4-2

38) What was the Queen celebrating? Coronation of 2nd June 1953

39) Who had just married in July 2011? Zara Phillips & Mike Tindall

40) Whose funeral was taking place in March 2002? Queen Mother’s

41) What year did the Queen broadcast her first Christmas message? 1957

42) What event has just taken place in 1997? Death of Princess Diana

43) What year was Princess Elizabeth christened? 29th May 1926

44) What event was being celebrated in June 1977? Silver Jubilee

45) What was Princess Elizabeth doing for the first time in October 1944? 1st Radio Broadcast

46) What event was the Queen and her family celebrating in 2002? Golden Jubilee

Well done to all those who took part.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Jubilee Thanks

The Jubilee committee just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who helped to make the village celebrations so successful. Without the help of everyone the event would not have been possible.

Thanks to all those who helped to clear, clean and decorate the barn prior to the event, to those who brought down the much needed chairs, tables, bales and other equipment - speakers, pa system, music system, lights etc, thanks for the food, the sausages, buns and trifles went down a treat. Thanks for all the bunting, flags & table cloths that helped to make the barn look special and the wonderful jubilee flower arrangements that were personalised with the childrens decorated crowns, what a lovely touch. Thanks for the music compilation and for preparing the children's food and helping on the day with serving the food. The bouncy castle, pinatas and garden games at Stoneleigh were a great hit with the children and the medals for the fancy dress competition will be treasured for a long time to come. Thanks to all those who helped with the smooth running of the event on the day and then all those who helped with the clear up on Tuesday.

Thanks must go to the staff and residents of Stoneleigh for making the large crowd of villagers, friends and family so welcome.

A final thanks must go to everyone who attended the event for making the day so special, everyone really got into the spirit of it and the sea of red, white and blue parading up the village was certainly a sight to see.


The children all looked brilliant in their fancy dress costumes so thanks for all your efforts.

The committee have received a few notes of thanks for the celebrations which I thought I would share with you.

" Thanks for the lovely hospitality." -Gilly and Rob (Lisa's Parents)

"Can you pass on to the villagers of Bielby how wonderful I thought it was that there are people wiling to give up there time and thank them for making us feel really welcome.  I think this Jubilee has been really good for everyone bringing good old fashioned values into a crazy world." Sue (Jenny W's friend)

"Dear Jubilee Committee,
Thank you so much for inviting Rob & I to your Diamond Jubilee Celebration. We both enjoyed it very much.
It was good to meet up again with village residents both old and new.
Thank you also for the "OBE" it certainly was a lovely surprise. The certificate will be framed & displayed in a prominent position in our home.
With many thanks once again.
Best Wishes to you all.
Yours Margaret & Rob"

Thanks again everyone, a jubilee celebration to remember!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

2nd Cricket Match Tuesday 12th June 2012 Weather Permitting

Bielby CC have drawn Wheldrake CC for the second round of the Canon Headley Cup this year.

Match to be played Tuesday 12th June 2012, weather permitting.

Meet at 6pm at Neil's house.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Village Olympics 16th September 2012

This years Intervillage Olympics is to be held on Sunday 16th September 2012 at Hayton, so ample notice for all budding athletes to get training!

 It's a great day for all the family.

Some of the Bielby gang that attended the Olympics last year.
Some of the races included in previous years are:

3 legged race
running race
egg and spoon race
bale rollling
sack race
piggy back race
Richard & Sara recovering after the piggy back race were they took a tumble at the finish line and Jenny sporting the team colours for last year.
Richard R will be pleased to know that I won't be entering the piggy back race this year!

Look forward to seeing you all there - I'll let you know further details about team colour and times when I receive this information.

Friday, 8 June 2012

1st Cricket Match Result 2012

We just wanted to let you know that Bielby won by 6 wickets in the game played at Ellerton on the 29th May 2012.

Bielby v Ellerton - Ellerton 53 all out and Bielby 56 for 4.

Top scorer was Edward Simpson on 27 not out.

Well bowled to Neil Spinks taking 4 wickets and Will Simpson, Edward Simpson and Stuart Rushton taking 2 wickets each.

Thanks to all who played and supporters on the night.

Next game against Wheldrake - date to be arranged.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Jubilee Photograph Album

I would like to put a Jubilee Photograph Album together as a momento of the day that would go in the Church for all to see.

So if anyone has any photos of the day they would like to have in the album then please send them to Sara, if you are not sure of my email address then just fill in the contact form and I will email you so you have my email address.


Friday, 1 June 2012

Jubilee Reminders

Hi All,
Well thanks to all those who could make it down to the barn on Sunday or last night to help clean and decorate, it's much appreciated and the barn is looking good. Thanks to all those who have brought down tables, chairs, bales, bunting and flags, etc.

Just a few quick reminders:
  • If anyone has any more tables and chairs that we can borrow then can you please bring them down to the barn Sunday night or Monday morning, we need to seat 148!
  • Food is catered for but please bring your own drinks and cups/beakers/glasses.
Here's a quick run down of events for the day:
  • 2pm meet at Church.
  • Parade up village to nursing home for children's fancy dress competition.
  • Leave nursing home around 3.30pm and parade back to barn.
  • 3.45/4pm - Bielby Diamond Jubilee Celebrations begin at barn.
  • 4.15pm - 5.15pm Magician to entertain children and adults!
  • 5.30pm - Children's tea party.
  • 6.30pm - Pie & Pea Supper.
  • Finish around 8pm.
Between 4 and 8pm there will be the chance to do:
  • A royal picture quiz at your leisure.
  • A royal dingbats quiz, the children will have a children's corner with colouring sheets, a quiz, spot the difference and wordsearch all with a royal theme!
  • There will be an opportunity to dance, we hope to see all you ceroc enthusiasts up dancing, showing off your moves!
  • There will be disco lights and music for you disco dancing divas!
  • Some surprise presentations.
  • All children will receive a certificate for attending the event which can be collected when parents leave, with their children of course!!!!
We look forward to seeing you all at the event.