Wednesday, 29 April 2015

May 2015 Pocklington Parish Town News Release

Pocklington Provincial Update for May 2015.

1. Priority

Issue: Pocklington Town Centre area (Evenings):

Throughout May, we are to continue our High Visibility patrols of the Pocklington Town Centre area to deter potential anti-social behaviour. These patrols include regular checks on peripheral areas at Pocklington Infants’ School, Maxwell Road (periodic reports of criminal damage and youths causing annoyance), Broadmanor Play Park (periodic reports of anti-social behaviour on an evening), Waterloo Lane (reports of low level anti-social behaviour and criminal damage), All Saints Church yard (reports of periodic anti-social behaviour), and Union Street (reports of criminal damage). In addition, recent complaints of youths causing annoyance with vehicles on the Station Road car park will result in this location being targeted and consideration made of offences under Section 59 of the Police Act, which can result in vehicles being used to cause harassment, alarm or distress being seized. Criminal offenders will be challenged robustly, arrested or reported for summons. Penalty Notices for Disorder or warning letters may be used in appropriate cases however, those who offend should expect to be arrested and dealt with if their anti social behaviour amounts to criminal offending.  The exercise of discretion should not be expected.

2 Priority

 Issue: Youths causing damage / annoyance with Vehicles, Stamford Bridge (Evenings):

Following reports of anti-social behaviour by groups of youths congregating with vehicles in the vicinity of the Viking Road car park on an evening, Patrols will be regularly checking this location during May.  Consideration will be given to the issue of £90 Penalty Notices for Disorder and arrest where appropriate, in addition to lower level offenders being dealt with under the FAIRWAY process jointly with East Riding of Yorkshire Council. It is unlikely that any discretion will be shown.  Drivers using their cars to cause alarm or distress will be considered for warnings and possible seizure of their vehicles under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act. 

3. Priority

Issue: Youths Causing Annoyance, area of Sherbuttgate, Pocklington (Evenings):

Officers will continue to patrol the area regularly throughout May.

4. Meetings

Police “Drop In surgery” at Lob Lane Sheltered Housing Coffee Morning, Stamford Bridge:

PCSO Gareth Ludlow has arranged a Drop In Surgery from 09:30 -11:00 at the above location to discuss community issues and offer crime prevention advice on the 1st May 2015.

Street Patrol at Sutton on Derwent

PCSO Gareth Ludlow will be patrolling around Sutton on Derwent from 8:30am to 9:30am on the 12th May

5. Crimes in your area
  •  A car was broken into at Allerthorpe Common and a purse and I phone were stolen from the boot.
  • The front tyre of a vehicle parked on the roadside was punctured by an unknown instrument. A rear window of a car parked at Allerthorpe Common was smashed and two handbags were stolen from the front foot

6. News and Appeals


On the 15th April Humberside Police went live with its new one-force operating model.  Below is a copy of an article that can be found on the new website:


This is the culmination of more than a year’s careful planning to ensure the continued delivery of 21st Century

Policing in the age of austerity.

Administrative barriers have been removed; shift patterns have been developed, enhanced use of technology has been rolled out, pointless bureaucracy has been scrapped and better use of social media has been embraced.We will have the right number of resources in the right place at the right time to tackle crime, antisocial behaviour and community tensions and we will be using appointments on low level issues to make sure you can see us at times convenient to you.

The organisation will become smaller over time, but these changes mean we are leaner, more efficient and better able to police the area at peak times.Chief Constable Justine Curran said the force was raring to go.

She said: “Teams have been live-time testing this new model meticulously to ensure our plans stand-up to the rigours of day-to-day policing and they do. The public will still have the community officers and PCSOs they know and trust in their areas and they’ll also now have local community detectives– a real step forward.”

“At peak times we’ll be able to put more of our response officers out on the streets to deal with the big issues and we’ve planned carefully to make sure than no geographical area or rural community misses out on coverage.”

“We’ll also be more user friendly to you. We’ve launched a fantastic new website that tells you where we are and links you into your community officers and their Facebook and Twitter accounts. We’re more accessible than ever before so please take advantage of that. Talk to your local teams and get the most out of our service”.

“These are exciting times for us. Our staff have gone the extra mile to make this happen and I would like to thank them for their efforts. There will inevitably be some teething problems in the coming months but as one team, we will resolve them and ensure we continue to protect communities, target criminals and make a real difference.”


We are urging you to spring into action over the next couple of months to make sure your sheds, garages and gardens are secure as the nights get lighter.Lighter nights often means criminals on the prowl for easy pickings from gardens, sheds and garages. As the weather warms up, we all spend more time outside, but we all also get a bit lax about leaving our property around and locking our sheds and garages when we use them.Opportunist criminals are on the lookout for bikes, tools, sports gear and fishing tackle in sheds and garages, as well as in gardens.To stop them getting hold of your stuff we would urge you to look at your sheds, garages and outbuildings and assess how secure they are. Do you need a better lock, an alarm, lighting, or even CCTC.  If something is really valuable - it might be better off in your house.

Think about the following tips:
  • Make sure your shed or garage is secured with a good quality lock.
  • Keep back gates locked when not used. 
  • Are fences surrounding your garden easy to climb over? This could be all the deterrent required to stop a thief from getting into your garden. 
  • Security lights can be a great deterrent if your home or garden is secluded from street lighting etc 
  • Loop a strong chain through the handles of your garden tools and connect the ends with a strong padlock. If possible, fix a large metal eyelet to part of the shed frame and loop the chain through it.
  • Install lights which come on when it gets dark and switch off when it gets light, or fit motion sensor lights which activate when someone passes.
  • Many shed windows are never used, if this is the case – why not screw them shut. Fitting mesh or steel bars across the window from the inside allows light to enter but means the thief has to go to a lot of trouble to remove them. Replace broken glass with laminated glass.
  • If you have a household alarm consider extending it to cover your outbuildings or fit a bespoke shed/garage alarm.
  • Consider what you store inside your shed or garage as valuable items should ideally be stored in your home. 
  • Check your home contents policy to see if you are covered in the event of a break-in.
  • If you have an expensive bicycle or motorbike, make sure you have a good quality lock securing it when it is not being used. Spending thousands on an item and pence on a lock makes for an easy getaway. 
  • Record a description of your cycles and any other valuable property on

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Bielby Parish Meeting AGM Monday 27th April 2015

Bielby Parish Meeting AGM

All resident electors of Bielby Parish are invited to attend the Bielby Parish Meeting AGM to be held on Monday 27th April 2015 at 7.30pm at St Giles Church, Bielby by courtesy of the church council.

  1. Apologies for absence.
  2. Minutes of the last meeting held on Monday 28th April 2014
  3. Matters arising from the minutes
  4. Reports: Chairman’s Report
      Treasurer’s Report
      St Giles Church
      Bielby Produce Show
  5. Election of Officers for 2015:  Chairman
  6. Any other business
To be followed by the Parish Meeting Ordinary

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of the last meeting (26th January 2015)
  3. Matters arising from the minutes
  4. Planning Applications and outcomes since the last meeting
  5. Village Bench
  6. Bus Shelter Rota
  7. Village Blog
  8. VillageDefibrillator
  9. A.O.B.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Planning Application Received

Sam has received a  new planning application - Ref: 15/00968/PLF.

Sam has put the letter on the notice board.

The planning application is available to view at and any comments can be directed by email to

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Everingham Village News April 2015

Everingham News April    2015

Quiz    night 10    April   

Friday,    10th    April,    7.30    in    the    village    hall.

The     theme    is     The     1960s, Pete     and     Pete     are     the     quiz    masters.     There    is     a     prize     for     the     best    dressed,    raffle    and        bar    with    cask/s.    Tickets    are £10    which    includes    your    supper.    Proceeds    go    to    the    Everingham    Conservation    Group    and    the    Village    Hall.

Order    your     tickets     from    Helen    - 860222,    Roz    861465    or     Jane    861156.    Payment    in    advance    would    be    appreciated.

Ellerker    House    open    gardens 19    April

Open    from    10am    to    4pm    for    NGS,    £4.50    entrance    fee,    children    free,    anyone    very    welcome    please    bring    family    and    friends    and    spread    the    word! Raising    money    for    Macmillan    &    Marie    Curie.

Delicious    homemade    cakes    and    savouries    will    be    available    throughout    the    day.

There    is    also    a    RARE    PLANT    FAIR     taking    place    with    several    specialist    nurseries    bringing    a    variety    of    interesting    and    unusual    plants    to    sell    as    well    as    offering    advice    on    growing    them.For    more    details    please    see    website: or    phone    Roz    01430    861465 The    PCC    of    St    Everilda’s    Church    are    providing    the    teas    for    the    Open    Garden    Day    at    Ellerker    House. This    was    a    very    popular    event last    year    so    offers    of    cake    (not    cupcakes)    and    or    help    for    an    hour    on    the    day    will    be    gratefully    accepted.   Please    let    Hilary    (860903)    know    if    you    are    able    to    help    with    a    cake    or    an    hour    on    the    day.   Funds    from    the    teas    will    go    towards    the    continuing    upkeep    of    St    Everilda’s    Church.

Village    hall

Village    Hall    meeting    12    March    - resume


It    has    now    been    agreed    that    a    unit    will    installed,    it    is    vital    that    it    is    visible    from    the    drive    and    must    be    installed    on    the    corner    of    the    hall    facing    down    the    drive.    The    installation    cost    will    be    met    by    the    VH    and    will    be    in    the    region    of    £200.    The    unit    has    been    arranged    by    the    parish    council,    further    info    to    follow    regarding    its    use    etc.

Windows    at    the    Village    Hall.

The     windows     at     the     Village    Hall     have     been     put    in.     A     grant     from    WREN     paid     for    most     the    installation.    Wot    an    Egg    have    contributed    and    the    village    hall has    put    in    money    as    well.    The    village     hall     committee    would    like     to     thank    all     the     donors.    The     total     cost    is    about     £14,000.    The    work    has    been    done    by    Majestik.

Boules    pitch    at    the    Village    Hall.

The    estimated    cost    is    £250.     This    should    be    ready    in    time    for    the    Tour    de    Yorkshire

Replacement    of    the    sound    system    and    2    new    radio    microphones.
These    have    been    fitted    at    a    cost    of    £370.
Letter     of     thanks     from     the     head     gardener     of     Nunnington     Hall     has     been     received.     £50     was    given    to    the    head    gardener    as    a    donation    for    the    Christmas    trees    passed    on    to    Everingham   

VH    and    Church.

Mike     Rogers     has     made     three     low     tables     which     go     round     the     fire     at     an     Inn     night.     It     was    agreed    to    buy    two    standard    lamps    which    could    go    there    and/or    the    bar    area.

Parish     council     elections     take     place     on     7     May,     due     to     the     retirement     of     a     current     councillor    there    will    be    a    vacancy    and    it    is    a    good    opportunity    to    encourage    new    people    to    represent    the    village    as    all    seats    will    be    up    for    election.    The    parish    council    meets    every    couple    of    months    in    the     village     hall.     If     you     decide     to     stand,    application     forms     need     handing    in     to     County    Hall    in    Beverley    by    4pm    on    9    April    2015. If     you     would    like    more    information     on     standing     as     a     parish     councillor     for     Everingham     and    Harswell    please    contact    Tom    Featherby,    chairman,    on    07968    298052    or    01430    860309.    You    can    also    email    on

Everingham    oil    club

Delivery    dates    for    the    year    are January    ,    March,    May,    September    and    November. All    residents    of    the    area    covered    by    the    circulation    of    this    newsletter    are    welcome    to    join.If     you     have     not     been    a    member     before     and    would    like     to     be    included    in     our     bulk     purchase    please    email    Phil    on Minimum    order    quantity    is    500    litres.        If    anyone    would    like    further    details    of    how    the    system    operates    please    phone    Mike    or    Jan    on    01430    861194.

Pocklington    flower    club

Pocklington     flower     club     presents     an     evening    with     Craig     Bullock,     artist     and     international    floral    designer.        Craig    has    travelled    the    world    with     his     floral     design     workshops     and     on    Monday    13    April    Craig    will    be    presenting    his    demonstration     “Inspired     by     Nature”.     To    purchase    tickets    please    call    07702    349199    or    07739     919340.     This     event     is     in     support     of    Prostate    Cancer    UK.

The    Ginger    Cow    Company

Look     out     for     the     Photography     exhibition     in     early     May down    at    the    Ginger    Cow    Company    and    visit    our    shop    in    a    shed.     We     are     on     Hayton     Lane     and     opening     times     vary    depending     on     the     weather     and     due     to     some     light    fingered    visitors    the    door    is    often    closed,    so    just    drive    in,    ring    the    bell    and    we'll    come    running!    *    Free    Range    eggs    *    Seasonal     Jams     and     Chutneys     *     Gifts     and     Crafts     and     we    now    have    Wendy's    new    range    of    tie-dye    T    Shirts.    (Many    colours    and    sizes    stocked)    Like    us    on    Facebook:    Just    look    for    'The    Ginger    Cow    Company'. You    can    also    catch    up    with    what's    happening    down    at    Long    Meadow    Farm    each    week    in    our    column    'Living    The    Dream'    in    the    Yorkshire    Post,    'Country    Week'    each    Saturday.

Village    twinning

Holme     on     Spalding     Moor     parish     council     has     been     approached     by     representatives          of Baigneux les    Juifs, France, with    a    view    to twin    with    HOSM    and    the    surrounding    district.Baigeux    les    Juifs    is    a    Canton    (which    is    like    a    civil    parish) in    Burgundy    consisting    of    about    6    villages    or    so    and    is    an    agricultural    area,    its    administrative    centre    is    Dijon about    25    miles    away. If    anyone    is    interested    in    the    project    in    either    in    an    official    or    unofficial    capacity    then    please    contact    the    clerk    to    the    parish    council    in    HOSM,    Steve    Young.    His    contact    details    are

Active    kids    vouchers

If     you     have     any     vouchers     from     Sainsburys,     Kerstin     Cooper     is     collecting    them     for     Melbourne     school.     The     school     can     get     free     sports     as     well     as    cooking    and    gardening        equipment    in    return     for     the    vouchers.     If    you    are    offered     any     please     say     yes     and     you     can     drop     them     through     Kerstin’s    letterbox     at     3     Priory     Pastures     or     contact     Kerstin     at    Thank    you.

Everingham  and  Harswell  Parish  Council   Abridged  minutes  of  the  meeting  held  on  11  March  2015   in  the  Village  Hall,  Everingham.
1. Present   were   Councillors   Tom   Featherby   (TF)   (Chairman),   Marcia   Call,   Rachel  
Glossop,  Bryn  James  (BJ)  and  Edward  Pettifer  (EP).     Clerk  to  the  Council  Anthony  Stocking  (AS).   2. Matters  arising:  
2.1 Jane  Berridge  will  send  an  update  on  the  feared  wind  farm  development  to  AS   who  will  circulate  the  information  to  all.  A  meeting  called  by  the  Action  Group   to  bring  to  residents’  attention  the  salient  facts  was  well  attended       
2.2 ERYC  has  repaired  and  made-­‐good  many  of  the  edges  and  passing  places  along   Thorpe   le   Street   Road.   Residents   should   make   any   complaints   directly   to   ERYC.   2.3 The  purchase  of  the  telephone  box  is  proceeding.  Residents  can  forward  to  the   Clerk  their  opinions  as  to  the  possible  use.  The  Internet  has  many  ideas.   
2.4 The  redundant  power  pole  remains  in  place.   
2.5 Four  lamp  brackets  in  Everingham  were  changed.     
2.6 An   extra-­‐ordinary   meeting   took   place   to   decide   on   the   purchase   of   a   defibrillator.   The   meeting   was   unanimous   that   the   idea   is   sound   and   beneficial.   ERYC   and   SMILE   will   fund   the   purchase,   subject   to   two   minor   administrative   actions   by   the   Council.   The   agreed   location   will   be   on   the   Village  Hall  outer  wall.   3. Finance:  
3.1 The  year-­‐end  bank  balance  will  be  £2281.43  and  shows  a  surplus  of  £359.67.   
3.2 Councillors   unanimously   approved   payment   of   £270.66   to   AS   for   his   fiscal   year’s   expenses,   £1.00   to   BT   to   purchase   outright   the   decommissioned   telephone  box  and  £30.00  to  Hilary  Price  for  the  2013  Remembrance  Wreath.     

4. Business:  
4.1 Elections   will   take   place   on   07   May   and   the   Council   asks   residents   of   the   Parish   to   consider   whether   they   could   contribute   to   the   betterment   of   the   parish   by   becoming   a   Councillor.   Further   information   on   the   duties   of   a   Councillor  can  be  obtained  from  the  Chairman  on  01430  860309  or  the  Clerk   on   01964   542043.   An   Information   Pack,   containing   an   application   form,   is   available  from  the  Clerk.  The  completed  application,  supported  by  a  sponsor   and  a  seconder,  must  be  at  ERYC  County  Hall  by  16h00  on  09  April.     
4.2 BJ  will  not  be  standing  for  re-­‐election  on  07  May.  Councillors  joined  with  the  
Chairman  as  he  thanked  him  for  his  years  of  service  to  the  parish.   
4.3 RG  is  the  new  Co-­‐ordinator  of  the  Emergency  Plan.   
4.4 AS  will  pursue  hiring  of  speed-­‐monitoring  equipment  and  speak  with  Carole  
Johnson  of  HWRCC.       5. Items  for  inclusion  on  agenda  of  next  meeting:  
5.1 Speed  recording  of  traffic  through  Everingham.   6. Date  of  next  meeting:  
6.1 The   next   ordinary   meeting   will   be   in   the   Village   Hall   at   19h30   on   13   May   2015.    The  Annual  General  and  Annual  Parish  meetings  commence  at  19h00.   All  residents  are  welcome  to  participate.  
 6.2 Electors   can   submit   questions,   comments   or   items   for   discussion   at   the  
meeting  by  contacting  the  Clerk  within  14  days  of  the  meeting.  

Bogus    telephone    calls

Humberside     police     have     had     reports     of     a     scam     that    involves targeting     the     elderly.    People     receive     a    phone     call     from     someone     claiming     to     be    a     police     officer    informing     them     they     have     been    a     victim     of theft    from    their    bank    account    and    asking    for their    bank    details.    The    police    never    ask    for bank    details.

Inn    at    the    village    hall

These dates    are    Saturdays,    the    bar    opens    at    7.30,    except    7    Nov    when    it    will    be    earlier    with a    bonfire    and    buns.    Help    is    always    needed    behind    the    bar, contact    Helen    Marsden    if you can    help. 860222.

16    May, 20    June,    1    August    (tbc),    12    September,    7    November    &    19    December.


There    is    a    boules    area    now    at    the    village    hall,    just    in    time    for    le    tour    de    Yorkshire!    Bring    your    own    boules.

Church    services    for    Easter    and    April

2    April HC 19.30     Seaton    Ross

3    April HC 19.30 Seaton    Ross

3April Stations    of    the    Cross 14.00 Bursea

4    April HC 20.30 Seaton    Ross

5    April HC Easter    Day 09.15 Everingham

12    April HC 10.45 HOSM

19    April HC 09.15 Bielby

26    April HC 09.15 Harswell

Every    Wednesday           

HC 09.30 Old    School    HOSM

Please    Note    There    is    NO    service    at    Everingham    on    the    19    April.

Decoration    of    Graves

The     church     grounds     are     subject     to     the     rules     and     regulations     of     the     Diocese     of     York.     These     are    outlined     on     the     red     notice     board     at     the     edge     of     the     church     yard     and     indicate     what     decoration     of    graves    is    permitted,    such    as    Christmas    wreathes,    what    they    can    be    made    of    and    how    long    they    can    be    left     on     the     grave.     Please     check     the     notice     and     if     you     are     uncertain     what     can     be     placed     on     graves,    contact    the    church    warden    (Hilary    Price)    on    860093    to    avoid    confusion.    Thank    you.

Submissions    for    May    by    26    April    please    either    by    email, or    through    our    letter    box    at    Cornerways.    Thank    you.    If    you    would    like    this    newsletter    by    email    just    let    us    know.

This    month’s    newsletter    kindly    sponsored    by    The    Ginger    Cow    Company.