Sunday, 20 January 2013

Proposed Wind Turbine

There is a large wind turbine proposed for the land between the balk in Pocklington and Hayton. 

There is a public meeting about it on Wednesday 23rd January in Pocklington Courthouse between 6pm and 7pm and any comments have to be lodged by 25th January.

Here is a link to the East Riding website for more information.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Meeting Re State Of The Roads

Paul Ward has asked me to add the email below re setting up another meeting re the state of the roads and if anyone wants to attend with Paul, or has any questions, issues they would like addressing.

Dear All

 I have been asked to set up another meeting with Nigel Leighton about the state of our local roads, repairs to them and their use by lorries.

 Please could one or two representatives from your council/group attend on one of the following dates: Monday, 4 February 10am

Wednesday, 20 February 9am

Thursday, 21 February 11am

I'm not sure how long the meetings will last but could be up to 2 hours.

For Wed 20 or Thurs 21 I should be able to book Seaton Ross Village Hall for the meeting but it is not available on a Monday morning so if that is the preferred date please does anyone else have a possible venue?

 Please let me know as soon as possible your preferred dates and who would be attending.

Many thanks

X36 Bus Service Meeting

Paul Ward has asked me to add this email re the X36 bus service and would like to know if anyone has any questions they want raising  and if anybody wants to attend the meeting to let Paul know and what dates they prefer.

Dear All

The current arrangement for the X36 morning and evening bus service runs out on 31 March. In order to decide whether and how to keep the service going (probably on the same terms as last time) please could we have a meeting asap - preferably no later than 15 Feb. An evening meeting seemed to be the best option last time so can I suggest the following dates - any Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday evening at 7.30pm but not 29 Jan. Possibly 30 Jan or 5 or 6 Feb? I am happy to arrange for the meeting to be held in Seaton Ross village hall if required and if it's a Tuesday or Friday, but it is not available on Wednesdays.

Please let me know as soon as possible your preferred meeting date(s), the names of your representatives, and any issues you would like to raise, or suggestions for possible improvements. I understand that the bus is still being used much as it was, and is worth supporting, but will ask for some more specific figures if required. I apologise that this may not be good timing for the precept applications though ours is on our 29 Jan agenda.



New Kundalini Yoga Class in Pocklington

New Kundalini Yoga class in Pocklington

Tuesdays 1.30-3pm at Burnby Hall

Checkout my website for more info at

Nam Prakash Kaur

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Village Walk Well Attended

Really enjoyed the village walk on Sunday to Seaton Ross.

We had a really good turnout and the weather was kind to us, only a brief shower and a cold cross wind at one point, but that didnt deter us from reaching our destination at the Black Horse for a quick refreshment.

The group seemed to split up for the return walk back with some choosing different routes back but presume all made it back to Bielby! Maybe we shoud have another village walk soon, there are lots of footpaths around to chose from.

Christine Coe

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Carol Singing Thanks

A big thank you to all those who turned out to sing and many thanks to everyone who gave so generously to our chosen cause.

We are delighted to say that together we raised a total of £227.61 which will be donated to the Special Care Baby Unit at York District Hospital.

Richard Coe

Friday, 4 January 2013

Broadband Update

 Further to Gareth's message yesterday, I have also contacted Quickline to see if we can get the service at our address.

I have also enquired about the possibliity of siting a relay station.  Quickline are going to get back to me next week to discuss this.

Stephen Ridsdale

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Broadband in Bielby

Broadband in Bielby

We applied to Quickline Communications just before Christmas and today, without any warning, their man arrived to carry out a site survey and test the system performance. Unfortunately for us, the download speed was no better than we currrently get from BT. The problem is that there are trees at the north end of the village that block our direct line of sight to the mast in Pocklington. As a result the system will be of no benefit to us and we will not be charged.

The engineer, who was apparently very nice, did say that if there was a business user in a suitable location in the village, they could put up a local relay station. For this to be viable the relay station would need to be powered full time and they would need at least 5 domestic users to take their service. They do not normally set up relay stations in domestic properties.

 If there is still some interest in taking this further or you want to volunteer as a potential relay station host please let me know or get in touch with Quickline. Just in case anyone is wondering, I have absolutely no business or family connection with the company at all.

Gareth Jones