Sunday, 31 July 2011

Village Olympics Sunday 7th August 2011

This year's inter-village olympics are being held at Burnby on Sunday, 7th August 2011. The event starts from 12pm and the races will kick off at 1pm.

It's a great day for all the family, why not bring a picnic, blanket and chairs to enjoy the races.

Some of the races will include:

3 legged race
running race
egg and spoon race
running relay

There may even be bale rolling this year so something new to look forward to. Ridsdale's have been practising this already!

Children can dress in fancy dress on the day, so dig out those fancy dress costumes!

The Bielby colour is blue so please come dressed in blue!

To find the intervillage olympics, head to Burnby and at the T-junction from the Hayton direction there is a field on the right hand side. There should be bunting up.

Please contact Jenny Smith, Paul Ward or Neil Readman for more information.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Bielby Music Festival Sunday 28th August 2011

Bielby Music Festival "The Picnic" - "Probably the smallest festival in the world!"

The Bielby Music Festival will take place on Sunday 28th August 2011 from 4pm to 10.30pm.

Top bands will be playing - Pink Cadillac, Soundsphere, Stan Graham and guest appearance by Snake Davis.
Bring a picnic and blanket, this is a great event for all the family. Bar and posh toilets on site!

The event is in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.

Tickets from 01759 318328 or 01759 318314. Adults £10, Children £5

We look forward to seeing you there!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Produce Show Events & Stalls

We hope that you are busy getting your entries ready for the 22nd Bielby Produce Show on Saturday 23rd July.

The committee just wanted to let you know that there will be a few other activities going on during the afternoon.
  • Guess The Weight Of The Cake - £1 a go for your chance to win the cake!
  • Name the TV Programme Quiz - 50p a go.
  • Name The Sweets - 50p a go.
  • Raffle
  • Cake Stall in Aid of the Church
  • Book Stall in Aid of the Church
If you have any books or have time to bake a cake then all donations welcome.

We look forward to seeing your produce show entries and you at the show on Saturday.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Inter Village Olympics Sunday 7th August 2011

This year's inter-village olympics are being held at Burnby on Sunday, 7th August 2011.
If you are keen to take part, please contact Jenny Smith, Paul Ward or Neil Readman.
Races for children and adults so something for everyone.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Looking For Work To Help Fund Voluntary Work Trip To South Africa

Hello my name's Shauna and I'm saving up for a trip to South Africa next year to do voluntary work, so I am offering services such as babysitting, dog walking and pet sitting to raise money. I am currently half way through the Extended Diploma In Animal Management, so I am knowledgeable in the animal area and have experience with a wide range of pets including horses. If you have any jobs I could do for a donation, please get in contact on 01759318762. I will be on holiday 23rd July - 3rd August so will be unable to work then, but any other time should be fine.
Thanks for your time & help.

Stoneleigh Charity Open Afternoon A Success

Stoneleigh staff and residents would just like to thank everyone who supported the open afternoon last Saturday.

They raised £396.00 for their chosen charities from admission, tombola, cake and plant stall, and guess how many sweets in the jar which was won by Karen Kirby.

Stoneleigh also raffled a lovely fruit basket which was kindly donated by Browns Greengrocers in Pocklington and a cushion which had a pattern embroidered to the front of it by our oldest resident Joe Thompson. It took Joe over a year (on and off), to complete the cushion, and at 98 years and 186 days old, this was no mean feat!

The cake stall was expertly run by one of our resident's, Peggy Williams, who did a mean selling job on anyone who came within a two metre radius!

It was a lovely afternoon and the weather was kind. Some of the residents even played cricket!

Thanks again to all who supported the event.

Just to say that there are still some plants for sale so if anyone is interested then call round to Stoneleigh and have a look at the plants for sale.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Produce Show Entries For Saturday 23rd July 2011

Just wanted to let you all know that the entry forms for the 2011 produce show will soon be hitting your doormats! So we hope that you are getting your entries ready.

If you want a quick reminder of what the entries are then here is a list!

(Trophy donated by Mr & Mrs P Thomas)

1) 5 Radish
2) 1 Cabbage
3) 1 Cauliflower
4) 3 Tomatoes
5) 1 Cucumber
6) 4 Carrots with Tops
7) 8 Raspberries on a Small Plate
8) 1 Longest Stick of Rhubarb with Leaf
9) 5 Pods of Peas
10) 5 Pods of Broad Beans
11) 3 Red Beet With Tops
12) 3 Potatoes
13) 1 Lettuce
14) 5 Runner Beans
15) 3 Onions Grown from Seed
16) 3 Onions Grown from Sets
17) 5 French/Dwarf Beans
18) Any Vegetable or Fruit not listed

(Trophy donated by Mr & Mrs H Ridsdale)

19) 1 Cactus Plant
20) 4 Cornflowers
21) 1 Rose
22) 1 Sunflower in Vase
23) 6 Sweet Peas
24) 4 Pansies
25) Best Scented Rose
26) Vase of Mixed Garden Flowers
27) 1 House Plant (Flower)
28) 3 Dahlias
29) 1 Tallest Thistle

(Trophy donated by John & Barbara Peel)

30) Arrangement using a Recycled Container
31) Ladies Buttonhole
32) Arrangement using Foliage
33) Flowers in an Unusual Container
34) Wedding Decoration for end of a Pew
35) A Small Table Arrangement using a Candle
36) A ‘Hot & Spicy’ Floral Arrangement

(Trophy donated by MR J. R. Hall)

37) 3 Jam Tarts
38) A Chocolate Dessert in a Glass
39) 3 Biscuits
40) 3 Cheese Scones
41) Saucer Apple Pie
42) 3 Pieces of Flapjack
43) 3 Butterfly Buns
44) Fruit Loaf
45) 3 Fruit Scones
46) Victoria Sandwich (Filled)

(Trophy donated by Mr & Mrs J Layton)

47) Jar of Raspberry Jam
48) Jar of Strawberry Jam
49) Jar of any other Jam
50) Jar of Lemon Curd
51) Jar of Chutney
52) Jar of Pickles—Any Variety
53) 6 Eggs

(Trophy donated by Mr & Mrs N Jaques)

54) Embroidery/Tapestry Article
55) Home Made Garment
56) Oil/Pastel/Watercolour Painting
57) Limerick /Poem about Yorkshire Life
58) Object Made from Wood
59) Photography-Landscape*
60) Photography-Farming Life*
61) Photography-Flowers or Nature*
62) Photography-Family Fun*
63) Photography-Weather/Winter Scene*
64) Photography-Bielby Scene*

*Photographs to be taken by Exhibitor. Photographs to be
displayed on cardboard mounts by the Exhibitor.

Trophy donated by Helen Todd for the Best Entry)

5 and Under Age Group
65) Decorated Egg
66) A Painting
67) A Face On A Plate

6—11 Age Group
68) Decorated Egg
69) A Painting
70) Garden in a Tray
71) Animal made from a Vegetable
72) Handicraft or Model
73) 3 Decorated Biscuits
74) Photograph

12—16 Age Group
75) Decorated Egg
76) A Painting
77) Garden in a Tray
78) Animal made from a Vegetable
79) Handicraft or Model
80) 3 Decorated Biscuits
81) Photograph

Entries will be accepted at St Giles’ Church, Bielby on Saturday 23rd July between 9.30am—11.00am PROMPT. Entries can be made in advance to Richard and Christine Coe at Hollycroft Court on Friday 22nd July between 6 O’Clock and 8 O’Clock in the evening.

All you have to do is bring your exhibits and entry monies on the Saturday Morning.
The Stewards will be ready with your exhibit labels.

Each Exhibitor needs his/her own entry form. More forms are available from the Committee members.

If you misplace your form, or cannot enter in advance, you can still enter on the day.

Just bring your entries to St Giles’ Church, Bielby on Saturday 23rd July from 9.30—11.00am (Prompt).

No more than 2 entries per exhibitor per class.
No items to be removed before 4.00pm.
No entry to be handled other than by the
Exhibitor or Steward.
All entries to be removed by 4.15pm.

The organisers will do the rest.


We look forward to seeing you and your exhibits at the 22nd Annual Bielby Produce Show.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Bed & Breakfast Dog Socialising

Bed & Breakfast Dog Socialising

"B&B is the next best thing to having our own dog. Its amazing to see them change throughout training as they turn into assistance dogs"

After a hard day's advanced training many dogs like to go to a cosy local home overnight with a friendly person rather than stay in kennels.

You would collect the dog around 5pm on a weekday night, look after him overnight and drop him off before 9am the following morning for another days training. The dogs have the weekend off to relax so would stay at home with you from Friday night through to Monday morning. We would provide all training, equipment and support for this role.

For more information please contact Lucy Dacre on 01759 322299 or email

Monday, 4 July 2011

Third Cricket Match Report

Bielby lost to Elvington in the semi final of the Canon Hedley Cup last Friday by 30 runs.

Despite being the underdogs, we put up a good fight, Richard Readman making 45 runs, Paul Audin taking 2 wickets and Neil Spinks 1 wicket.

Well done to all players who have taken part in the competition this season and thanks to all who came to support us.

Sent in by Neil.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Air Source Heat Pump

This article has been written by Peter Wright.

Last winter was a very worrying time for those of us who live in villages and are dependent on oil for our heating requirements. We are very grateful for the hard work and support we get from Lisa Hoggarth in securing timely deliveries at the best prices. However we remain dependent upon heavy demands and severe inflation of prices which leave us all very vulnerable.

An additional worry is the age and dependency of our oil boiler (having already spent a great deal of money in repairs and replacement parts). We have been looking at alternative sources of heating before the winter arrives. As a replacement boiler is likely to cost about £3000 we could offset the cost of any other type of installation by this amount.

We have decided to install an air source heat pump which can either replace the oil boiler or supplement it. We will be replacing ours. Incidentally it can also be used in conjunction with thermal solar panels for additional saving. To keep it simple an air source heat pump works in the same way as a refrigerator only in reverse. Whereas a fridge takes warm air from the room and passes it through a heat exchanger and converts it to cold the heat pump has the opposite effect. The kit comprises a box located outside the house (which can replace the unsightly oil storage tank and is much smaller and less conspicuous) and a hot water cylinder (incorporating an immersion heater) located inside the house.

For every 1kw of electricity it uses a return of 4kws is achieved . Good insulation of the house is of course very important.The pumps come in various sizes but are capable of supplying heating and hot water to cover all requirements and are capable of operating at temperatures as low as -20C. The manufacturer claims annual savings of £530 on electric heating, £370 on solid fuel & £160 on oil (probably more on current winter prices) for a normal size house.In addition the system qualifies for the Government's Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (RHI) (sometimes referred to as Clean Energy Cashback).For further details on RHI visit

Needless to say this system is very environmentally friendly with reduced energy costs and CO2 emissions reduced by 50% compared to traditional systems and no maintenance is required for the pump.

As our home is a converted barn with restricted development rights we have needed to apply for planning permission but we are optimistic of success as this is a Government driven campaign striving for a greener environment.The overall cost in our case is just less than £7000 including installation by a local firm.

If anybody is interested in any further details we would be pleased to help - 319200.

I could report back with details of the results after a year's operation of the system if anybody is interested.