Friday, 24 May 2019

Hedgehog Helper

A local hedgehog rescue would like to get in touch with the gentleman from Bielby who took a poorly hedgehog in to Wicstun’s vets in Pocklington two weeks ago, with a view to releasing it back to where it was found. Please call or text 07510 940473.

Saturday, 18 May 2019

Minutes of the Parish Meeting on 7th May 2019.

Minutes for the Bielby Parish Meeting AGM

Tuesday, 7th May 2019
at St. Giles’s Church, Bielby, by courtesy of the Church Council.

Present: Chairman - Paul Ward. Treasurer - Ian Ross. Secretary - Gabrielle Rose.
10 residents.

1.      Apologies for absence were received from John Peel, Jenny Ward, Debbie Britton, Val Nolton.

2.      Minutes from the last meeting held on Monday 23rd April 2018 were read out and adopted as a true and correct record. Proposed by Ian Simpson and seconded by Margaret Wilkinson.
3.      Matters arising from the minutes. There were no matters arising.
4.      Reports:
a.      Chairman’s Report. Paul Ward gave his account of the years events and thanked all those who organised and supported the activities. His report is attached.
b.      Treasurer’s Report. Ian Ross informed the meeting of the Parish financial position. 
At the end of the financial year there was £2037.51 in the bank account.
Ian’s full report is attached.
Ian made suggestions for spending the surplus of £540: reduce the precept, fund the Music Festival, purchase First Aid/Defibrillator training for residents, buy another planter or not spend any of it.
Ian commented that significant expenditure should follow a purchasing process i.e. paper trail of decisions taken/outcomes.
There is now a legal requirement to prepare an annual budget which Ian had done and presented it to the meeting.
                                                              i.      Approval of the Annual Governance Statement for 2018-2019.
                                                             ii.      Approval of the Accounting Statement 2018-2019.
                                                           iii.      Approval of the Budget for 2019-2020.
Approval for the Annual Governance Statement, Accounting Statement and the Budget were proposed by Neil Readman and seconded by Richard Coe.
c.       St Giles’s Church.  The report by the Church wardens John Peel and Stephen Smith was read out by Paul. This year, the Church was again involved in village life with activities and events being enjoyed by many residents. This support enabled the church to ‘pay its way’ as reported at its AGM. This year St Giles’s Day falls on Sunday, September 1st and a special service will be held here for all local churches and everyone is welcome. The church appreciates everyone’s help and is always here to help everyone. The full report is attached.
d.      Bielby Produce Show. Graham Tew gave his report thanking Ian and Judith Simpson for hosting the 29th annual show. It was a good turnout. This year will be the 30th event and is to be held in the grounds of Stoneleigh Care Home, with the kind permission of Dale Greenaway. Graham said it will be a special year and thanked committee members. There was a request for help with setting up.
5.      Election of Officers for 2019-20.
Chairman - Paul Ward. Proposed by Richard Coe seconded by Tony Britton.
Treasurer - Ian Ross. Proposed by Tony Britton seconded by Christine Coe.
Secretary - Gabrielle Rose. Proposed by Graham Tew seconded by Christine Coe.
6.      Any Other Business.    None.

There was no other business and this meeting closed at 20.00

Minutes of the Bielby Parish Meeting

Tuesday, 7th May 2019
at St. Giles’s Church, Bielby, by courtesy of the Church Council.

Present: Chairman - Paul Ward. Treasurer - Ian Ross. Secretary - Gabrielle Rose.
10 residents.

1.      Apologies for absence were received from John Peel, Jenny Ward, Debbie Britton, Val Nolton.
2.      Minutes of last meeting held on 29th October 2018 were read out and adopted as a true and correct record. Proposed by Margaret Wilkinson and seconded by Graham Tew.
3.      Matters arising from the minutes. There were no matters arising.
4.      Planning applications and outcomes since last meeting.  Application submitted and approved for work on Coates Lock.
5.      ERNLLCA (East Riding and North Lincolnshire Local Councils Association) membership renewal. Cost of membership is £50 and it provides an advisory service for local parishes and councils. This year it was particularly helpful with the issue of a Data Protection Officer. The meeting agreed to continue membership and it was proposed by Richard Coe and seconded by Graham Tew.
6.      Beck Update. Neil Readman reported that there were no problems during the winter as it had been so dry and therefore no highwater levels occurred.
7.      Parish Paths. The paths are now being maintained by ERYC and no issues were reported at the meeting.
8.      Defibrillator.  Paul reported that everything was okay. Ian Ross asked if a refresher course would be of interest to anyone. The meeting discussed having a First Aid/Defibrillator training session. Enquiries would be made regarding cost and content and the information would be posted on the blog to see if there is any interest.
9.      Bielby in Bloom. Paul commented positively on the display of spring flowers in the planters.  The possibility of another planter near the post box at the corner of Gale Carr Lane was raised. Comments and suggestions were welcomed. £150 to be made available for this year’s planting was proposed by Graham Tew and seconded by Richard Coe.
10.  Village Taskforce Walkabout. The ERYC will undertake its biennial inspection of Bielby on July 5th. Neil Readman has agreed to accompany the Council’s Liaison Team Leader to point out the areas that need improvement/repair/overhaul.
11.  Parish Council Liaison meetings. These are arranged by the ERYC Planning Department and topics include planning legislation, service development updates, Draft Enforcement Plan and other items raised by parishes. Paul has attended several of these meetings in the past and will be attending one later this year.
12.  Bielby Blog. Paul thanked Sara for her work on the Bielby Blog this year. Sara is happy to continue.
13.  Bus Stop Shelter Rota. The current volunteers are happy to continue on the rota and Paul thanked them all for keeping the bus stop shelter tidy.
14.  Woldgate School. Money raised from carol singing last year was donated to the school’s Peer Mentoring Programme.  Paul and Gabrielle visited the school in January to present the cheque. They met some of the students who are involved in the scheme to hear how they help the younger students settle in to school life and help cope with home life issues that can impact on school life.  Paul said that he was impressed with the school and the scheme and that he felt it was money well spent.
15.  Fly the Red Ensign for Merchant Navy Day. Following a brief discussion, the meeting agreed not to take part in this event.
16.  Any other business.
a.       War Memorial Plaque. Paul reported that the plaque on the War Memorial near the canal had been removed from its plinth and the poppy wreath had been damaged. This is the second time the memorial has been targeted; the plaque has previously been badly scratched. The meeting agreed to replace the plaque, proposed by Graham Tew and seconded by Neil Readman.
b.      Full Sutton Prison. An email has been sent to all local parishes asking for support in objecting to plans to enlarge the prison at Full Sutton. The meeting felt that this was an issue for individual residents to take up rather than any action from the Parish Meeting.
c.       VE Day 75. The parish has received an email about the commemoration events taking place over the weekend of the 8th May 2020. A timetable of activities has been planned nationally.
Paul suggested that a notice go on the blog asking for volunteers/organising committee with
the hope that there will be ideas for discussion at the parish meeting in October.
d.      One of the Give Way signs approaching the A1079 on Carr Lane is obscured by hedging. Paul will contact the relevant land owner/authority.
e.      Susan Richardson suggested the re-introduction of a printed newsletter that can be hand delivered to village households as she feels that some residents are missing out on news and information as they don’t have access to the Bielby Blog. Susan was happy to take this on.
f.        Concern was raised about the hazard created by the van parked near the corner of Main Street/Mill Lane whilst carrying out work to a nearby house. Although the van was not illegally parked and was not a police issue the matter could be taken up with the workman/home owner.
g.      Paul made a request that if anyone wanted any issues raised at the meetings that they should go on the agenda as they could be of interest to other residents which might encourage more attendance at meetings.

There was no other business and the meeting closed at 21.05

Reports and further information:
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Click here for the Treasurer's Report.
Click here for the Financial Report 2018-19.
Click here for the Proposed Budget 2019-20.
Click here for the Church Wardens's Report.
Click here for the Bus Stop Shelter Rota 

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Police Newsletters for May 2019


The link for the Pocklington Newsletter hadn't updated and was showing the April issue. I've fixed it now so it should be linking to the May issue on the blog.
Click here for the May Newsletter.


Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Police Newsletters for May 2019

Here is the latest information from Humberside Police.
Please click on the links:-
Pocklington Newsletter.
Wolds Weighton Newsletter.

Monday, 13 May 2019

Seaton Ross Open Gardens Sunday 9th June

Seaton Ross Open Gardens Sunday 9th June 2019 12.00noon to 5.00pm Diverse gardens ranging from small cottage plots to larger gardens, including two that regularly open for the NGS/Yorkshire Arboretum. Tea/coffee/juice and homemade cakes in the village hall. Other attractions on the day include St. Edmund's Church with displays, a Bugs, Bees and Butterflies Trail and children’s quiz. There will be plants for sale in some gardens Get tickets, maps and quizzes from the village hall. £5.00 per adult, accompanied children free Proceeds will support Seaton Ross Village Hall. For more information Phone: 01759 318970/318411 Email: Is Directions Postcode for Sat Nav: YO42 4LT Parking available at the village hall

Wasps Nest on beck side

I received this message Monday 13th May - Please advise Residents of a (on the ground) Wasps nest on the beckside about 3/4 of the way down to the cross field path opposite the metal canal bridge. It has been disturbed by dogs so they are pretty angry.

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Phone & Email Scams

Just to make you aware and for you to let family and friends know who may not read this, that there are some phone and email scams going around, where the caller or emailer are trying to get your personal details and your bank details.

Recent scams include callers and emailers saying they are from BT or HMRC.

Just wanted to let everyone know.

Monday, 6 May 2019

Parish Meeting Reminder

Tuesday 7th May, 7.30 pm at St Giles Church.
The Parish Meeting AGM will be followed by the Ordinary Meeting.
All Welcome.