Thursday, 1 November 2018

Bielby Annual Duck Race 2018 Results

Another great duck race - thanks to all who organised this great village event. The weather was kind to us again this year, it was a pleasant Autumn day.

We are delighted to have had another successful day, and are pleased to say we've raised a total of £380 for St Giles Church. A big thank you to everyone.

Race 1 Children's Crafts

Name Evie McDougall Number 64

Race 2 Hat & Gloves Set

Name Jake Geekie Number 110

Race 3 Bulb Planter

Name Richard Marshall Number 74

Race 4 Brain Teasers

Name Derek Chaplin Number 67
Double Sold Duck* Name Rob Zottola Number 67

Race 5 Halloween
Name Josh Simpson Number 1
Double Sold Duck* Name Wendy Feather Number 1

Race 6 Tea-Time

Name Judith Simpson Number 121

Race 7 Box of Vegetables

Name Alan Walsh Number 65

Race 8 Chocolates & Wine

Name Steven Spencer Number 142

Race 9 Feed The Birds

Name Tilly Preston Number 92

Race 10 Teddy Bear Last Duck Home

Name Margaret Hutchinson Number 91
*All double ducks received a Sainsbury's Voucher

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