Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Carol Singing Donations 2018

At the last parish meeting we talked about which organisation should receive the proceeds from this years village carol singing.  Several suggestions were made and we decided that the money raised should support local children with mental health issues. I volunteered to source a project that would encompass all these elements. 
I couldn't find an existing suitable charity so I contacted Sharon Hogg, Head of Operations and Administration at Woldgate School and she explained about their Peer Mentor Programme. Peer Mentors support the mental health and well being of young people at Woldgate School.

Our donation would enable the training of more Peer Mentors  and fund resources to assist them in their work.
This is a link to the Peer Mentor Programme.

Although this isn't a registered charity, our local, young people could benefit from this project which would support them towards a safe and healthy future.
Paul, Ian and I would be pleased if the village agreed to support this project this year.
If you have any comments please feel free to get  in touch with me (bielbypmsecretary@gmail.com) or Paul (318077) by Wednesday 5th December and why not join the Carol Singing on Wednesday 19th December starting outside Stoneleigh at 6pm.
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