Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Electrical appliance repairs for charity

 Electrical appliance repairs for charity?


Does anyone know of a local charity repair shop willing and able to receive broken electrical appliances, repair the items and then donate the repaired items to good causes?


I have a number of substantial gym and gardening electrical items that are no longer working due to want of repair; all the items were operating in good working order but now require either repair or disposal.

- I have replaced most of the items with new, and I am about to dispose of these old, broken items.

However, as the items are actually in reasonable condition apart from the need of some repair, it seems such a waste to just dump them at the council waste tip.

- I would much rather donate the items to charity if there is a charity repair shop willing to receive the items, repair them and then donate the items so they can be reused (and help the planet by preventing waste!).


The items are:-


1.) Recumbent exercise bicycle, professional gym standard, ‘Bodybuilder Australia’ (replacement value approximately £1,100)

- Rubber drive belt shredded, requires replacement rubber drive belt.


2.) Garden strimmer, electric, MacAllister MGT600 (only £22 in B&Q clearance sale), complete with power cord and plug.

- Motor appears to have ‘burnt out’, motor requires repair or replacing.


3.) Garden lawn mower, electric Qualcast MowerSafe 30, complete with power cord, plug removed (replacement value approximately £55).

- Motor appears to have ‘burnt out’, motor requires repair or replacement.


4.) Chain saw, electric, B&Q Oregon PP350, complete with chain, power cord and plug (replacement value approximately £100).

 - One anchor screw missing from chain arm, screw needs replacing.


5.) Hedge trimmer, cordless, B&Q Performance PWR18VHTA (replacement value approximately £95), complete with original cardboard packing box, 8 V DC 1700 mA Ni-Cd rechargeable battery, charging stand, charging transformer with power cord and plug.

- Hedge trimmer in good working order; fault with either the charging transformer and/or charging stand (power light and charging light do not light up) – cannot recharge battery.


Photographs of the items can be provided upon request.


If anyone knows of a charity repair shop that may be willing to take these items, please contact:

Ian Ross


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