Monday, 6 April 2020

Town and Parish Council AGM

We have now received official confirmation regarding the position of the AGM and officers. Please see below.

I attach the regulations that will be in force from Saturday. In summary these remove the requirement for Town and Parish Councils to hold an AGM in March /April /May 2020. The regulations also provide that where any appointment would be made at an annual meeting of the council such a meeting continues until the next annual meeting of the authority or until the authority determine. Therefore appointments of chairs , mayors etc will continue until your Council next meets either in person or remotely. You can still hold an AGM but you are not required to do this in April or May of this year.  

The regulations apply only up until the 7th May 2021 so at that point the legal position reverts to as it is now and you will have to hold your 2021 annual meeting ( if you have not already held it ) in May 2021.

The regulations relating to remote meetings essentially provide that you can hold remote meetings via video conference facilities.

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