Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Hi everybody, I hope you are keeping safe and well. For you land owners around the village would you be interested in the tree planting fund attached? Let me know if you are interested. Paul
The East Riding of Yorkshire
Community Tree Planting Fund
Guidance Note for Applicants

Applications to the fund should be made through the online FlexiGrant system, and this is available at where potential applicants are able to register and find all of the tree planting funds we currently have available, including the new East Riding of Yorkshire Community Tree Planting Fund.

Introduction & Scope
The East Riding of Yorkshire Community Tree Planting Fund is open to private and
public landowners for the purposes of delivering new tree planting activity within the
East Riding of Yorkshire. For the purposes of this fund, tree planting shall be
interpreted to include the following:
o Creating new areas of native woodland
o Planting new clusters of native trees
o Establishing new individual native standard trees
There are no restrictions on who can apply to the fund for a grant, and it is envisaged
that applications will be received from a range of individuals and groups such as
private and public landowners, farmers and land managers, community groups,
businesses, community organisations, charities, town & parish councils, schools and
faith groups.
The fund will seek to support projects that are significant in scale, either rural or
urban in nature, and which can demonstrate clear benefits to the East Riding of
Yorkshire. The focus of the fund will be to support the planting of British native
species of trees and shrubs appropriate to the East Riding of Yorkshire area. The fund
will support new projects as well as those which seek to expand and improve existing
Grant Awards
The fund will award grants of no greater than £3,000 to each successful application.
However, this amount may be greater in exceptional circumstances where it can be
fully justified by the applicant and where the grant panel agree to make such an
award. There is no restriction on multiple applications for separate projects being
submitted by the same landowner, but please be aware that it is the intention to
distribute the benefits of the East Riding of Yorkshire Community Tree Planting Fund
as widely as possible throughout the area.
Although the fund is available to support native tree planting projects, it will not be
available to applicants who are required to undertaken tree planting work that is
required under other obligations (e.g. to implement a planning condition, to fulfil a
felling license restocking requirement, etc.). Also, the fund will not normally support
work within domestic gardens, although the grant panel may consider such
applications in exceptional circumstances where the wider community benefits are
demonstrated to be of sufficient merit.
Prioritising Applications to Receive Funding

All projects submitted to the East Riding of Yorkshire Community Tree Planting
Fund must be located within the East Riding of Yorkshire. All project applications
that satisfy the broad aims of the fund will be considered against a series of criteria to
ensure that those receiving a grant will deliver the maximum benefits that the funding
can bring to the area.
Funding Criteria
Each project will be considered on its merits and in accordance with a set of criteria
based on the following factors:
o Deliverability
o Value for Money
o Benefits/Outcomes
o Sustainability
Fulfilling the Criteria
To help demonstrate how a project fulfils the criteria, an application should seek to
show how it satisfies some, or all, of the following factors against which it will be
o The project is of sufficient scale to make a beneficial impact to the area
o The planting activity comprises of solely native species appropriate to the area
o The project will deliver a clear benefit for wildlife (i.e. species and habitats,
connectivity, etc.)
o The project will deliver a clear enhancement to local landscape character
o The community has been/will be involved in the project (e.g. development,
planting, maintenance)
Projects are not expected to necessarily fulfil all of these factors, but applicants should
bear in mind that funding will be awarded on a competitive basis, and that proposals
that can demonstrate the maximum benefits are more likely to receive support.
Evaluating Projects
Where there are sufficient funds to do so, all suitable projects will be supported where
demonstrable benefits can be identified in accordance with the above criteria. An
independent grant panel will scrutinise applications received and oversee the
awarding of grants to successful projects. The grant panel will be made up of
representatives of the local authority, independent experts, environmental
organisations and Parish/Town Council.
Please note that should the fund be over-subscribed, some projects which fulfil the
above criteria will inevitably not be able to receive funding. The grant panel will
have the duty of deciding how to prioritise projects received. Unsuccessful
applications will be recorded on file and landowners contacted should further funding
become available in the future.

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