Monday, 25 November 2019

Volunteers Wanted For Taking Part In Psychological Study

Many of you who know us will know that our daughter Becky is currently studying psychology at the University of Kent at Canterbury and she is now doing a research project for her final year (I know time flies!).  She has to recruit more than 40 participants for her study and wondered if any villagers would be able to help her out. 

She writes:

"Please would you consider taking part in a psychological study and get paid £35! All you have to do is read a book over 3 weeks (approx 270 pages) that will be sent to you free of charge, and download an app on your smartphone that will ask you a couple of daily questions about your diet and beliefs. You will also have to complete a few short questionnaires which won't take longer than 15 mins each.
Participants must be aged 18 or over and eat meat. 
Here's the link to the prescreening survey which won't take longer than 10 mins:

If you do decide to help me, thanks for your time"

If you have signed up, please could you email me to let me know and I can tell her.

Susan Smith - Old School House

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