Sunday, 3 November 2019

Annual Duck Race Winners 2019

In keeping with tradition, the Annual Duck Race has been held on the last Sunday in October.  Unfortunately, this year we decided the beck was too high to hold a safe race. So on the bright sunny Sunday morning in Jon Los's garden, we randomly picked the winners for each race. We would like to thank everybody who purchased a duck and supported us and are delighted to let you know we've raised a grand total of £321 for the Church funds.
Pete, Val, Richard & Christine.

 Race 1 Children's Crafts Name Jacob Readman Number 123

 Race 2 Bag of Preserves Name Robert Childs Number 105

 Race 3 Calendar & Diary Set Name Bill Randles Number 64

 Race 4 Bird Bag Name Mary Milner Number 43

 Race 5 Stationery Box Name Carrie Busfield Number 15

 Race 6 Garden Basket Name Stanley Simpson Number 92

 Race 7 Home is Where The Heart Is Name Alison Bell Number 99

 Race 8 Jigsaw Puzzle Name Alan Pilling Number 22

 Race 9 Teddy Bear Name Chirstine Coe Number 19

 Race 10 Chocolate & Wine Name Lucy Preston / Jen Hawkworth Number 52

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