Thursday, 16 February 2017

Natural England Announces 2017 Hedgerows and Boundaries Grant

Natural England Announces 2017 Hedgerows and Boundaries Grant
The Hedgerows and Boundaries Grant is a standalone capital fund under Natural England's Countryside Stewardship Programme. Farmers and other land managers are invited to apply for financial assistance to help provide environmental benefits on their land.
The grant can be used for the restoration of hedgerows, boundary fences, dry stone walls, stone-faced banks or earth banks, in order to protect the landscape, local wildlife and water quality.
The scheme can also help to reduce flood risk as part of an integrated approach to catchment management. In the right place, woodland can play an important role in reducing flood waters, delaying their passage to watercourses, and decreasing siltation, increasing the capacity of river channels.
The maximum available grant for each farm business is £5,000.
Farmers can select from a range of capital items, which offer different payments towards the costs involved.
Applicants can claim only for the capital items shown in the table below:
Capital item£ Payment rate
Stone-faced bank repair£31/m
Stone-faced bank restoration£86/m
Earth bank restoration£7/m
Hedgerow laying£9.40/m
Hedgerow coppicing£4/m
Hedgerow gapping-up£9.50/m
Hedgerow supplement – Casting upCasting up £3/m
Hedgerow supplement – top binding & stakingtop binding & staking £3.40/m
Stone wall restoration£25/m
Stone wall supplement – top wiringtop wiring £3.60/m
Stone wall supplement – stone from quarrystone from quarry £44/m
Planting standard hedgerow tree£8.80 per tree

The scheme is open to all eligible farmers, woodland owners, foresters and other land managers in England.
Applications must be received by Natural England on or before 28 April 2017. 

Please see the link for more information about this grant opportunity.

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