Sunday, 16 May 2021

Ultrafast Broadband

Does Bielby want Ultrafast Broadband? The information below from Phil Cutland Green and this link to KCOM's pack may help. (Melbourne have now reached the required 30% of households).

Phil is happy to discuss any issues,  please email him at

I have been helping to generate interest in Ultrafast Broadband in (and around) Melbourne.

My wife and I are moving there shortly and whilst there is some Openreach “Superfast” broadband where some people can get 80/20Mbps speeds many can’t or need/want faster.

 I have worked in IT/Business Consulting for 20+ years (at IBM and Xerox where I currently work) , and have a real passion for communities to have access to Ultrafast (i.e. 900+ Speeds) and in many cases rural areas get left behind.

I have reached out to BT Openreach but they won’t be rolling out ultrafast broadband in the East Yorkshire area anytime soon (without community investment) - they have selected some rural areas in the UK but we are not one of them.  Even with community investment - which could potentially cost thousands per home - they still won’t be able to deploy for well over a year.

 Whilst from my research it seems that the central part of Bielby can potentially get speeds close to this (these speeds are determined by distance from the green BTOR cabinets in the main) I do see those further away with much lower speeds.

 However, I have been working with KCOM to see if they would be interested.. and they are.

They are willing to invest some of their own money, and get money from Government voucher schemes to roll out Ultrafast Broadband IF we can get enough people to register interest. 

They have a service called Lightstream - so this is fibre all the way to the home.  (Not to the cab - which is what Beilby currently has) 

 Note there’s no cost or commitment to register interest for this - and if we get enough people there will be no additional charge for them to install Ultrafast. (You’d just need to sign up if you wanted the service). 

 KCOM need around 30% of homes to register in order for them to “be interested” in deploying in those areas. (Link below)

In Melbourne so far I am told that we aren’t far away from this threshold.

I was on a call with KCOM and a PC Member from East Cottingwith and KCOM mentioned that it could help if other areas were interested.  

They had mentioned Bielby, hence my email to you.

 In summary, I just wondered if the residents of Bielby would be interested in having the option at least of Ultrafast Broadband and therefore not being left behind.

If we miss out on this opportunity it could be many years before there’s any chance of getting faster speeds.

It would benefit small business (and larger ones!) and enable everyone to get faster speeds.

As mentioned Ultrafast broadband being suggested can deliver speeds up to 900/500Mbps and potentially higher in the future - so it’s pretty future proof. 

Please let me know if you need more details but I am hoping we can get a range of local villages also involved if they are interested.

I can put you in touch with people at KCOM if needed but I have also attached their info pack they normally present to PC’s.


 Phil Cutland Green

If you need any more info please let me know.

If you got 30%+ of the village interested then they could well have a good business case to bring much higher speeds to Beilby also.

 Note that KCOM are also actively pushing their community grant program out (which is open to areas that are or have KCOM) - I am sure there are caveats etc.. but if there’s a chance of getting money for good causes then it’s worth looking at in my mind.  Link for flyer  for info.

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