Monday, 17 May 2021

Bielby Parish Meeting – Standing Orders relating to Parish Meetings

There are many obligations and requirements of parish councils and parish meetings (regardless of population) that are stated in law, regulations or guidance notes.

The National Association of Local Councils recommends that written standing orders are adopted to regulate meetings regarding aspects such as the necessary number of meetings, public notices and agenda of meetings, venue, quorum, attendance and conduct of meetings and other proceedings.

The  “Standing Orders relating to Parish Meetings” formalise in writing the ‘step-by-step’ process of planning, execution and reporting of official meetings of Bielby Parish Meeting.

- The document was produced following a review of relevant laws and guidance notes and similar standing orders of other parishes (including Allerthorpe, Shiptonthorpe and  Everingham and Harswell).

- The Standing Orders are mostly just practical and obvious requirements to assist the organisers and attendees of meetings, and tend to reflect how meetings have actually been organised and conducted in Bielby.
The  document “Standing Orders relating to Parish Meetings” is open for discussion and amendment as Agenda Item 13 at the forthcoming parish meeting on the 24th May 2021 prior to being adopted.   

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