Sunday, 10 June 2018

Anaerobic Digester Plant proposal at Holme on Spalding Moor

Anaerobic Digester Plant proposal at Park Farm, Holme on Spalding Moor

To all local Parish Councils.

I am contacting you as a strong opposition member to the Anaerobic Digester Plant proposal at Park Farm, Holme on Spalding Moor.  We have had a continual 3 year battle with "get rich quick" companies wanting to build a huge AD Plant right on the outskirts  of our beautiful village. However this AD plant will affect all surrounding villages with smells, heavy increase in HGV lorries passing through.

This proposed  VARIATION will increase the tonnage of waste from the approved 30k to 80k!! This is a significant increase of 166% and is actually greater than the original application of 70k, which was refused by ERYC. This increase now will take the AD Plant to a huge Industrial size, non agricultural looking  monstrosity which can be seen for miles and will be working 24/7/365.

AD plants do have a number of issues, one of which is odour, there have been numerous reports of residents near such plants be affected by the smell. Prevalent winds may result in the odour having an impact on your village life, so we ask that you taken action.

Holme BioEnergy Ltd (nothing to do with Holme itself) are trying to sneak a larger plant, with more buildings (that are bigger than the consented plans), along with much higher traffic movements, without Planning Consent!

Our Parish Council have backed our opposition but we need more support from our neighbours please. We ask for your support as the East Riding Councillors don’t seem to listen to our concerns about this.  We need high numbers of complaints, from all villages surrounding this plant, so the council can see our determination to stop further development.

Please encourage your village to write to:

quote ref PLANNING VARIATION - 18/01443/CM

Please do this NOW!!

From a concerned resident

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