Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Quadrilla and Fracking Issue

Gabrielle and I will be meeting with Quadrilla on the 14th March to discuss the issue of fracking. This is not a meeting with the whole village as it will, in my opinion, end up as a free for all and we will not get as many answers to our questions as we would like. I hope that is OK with everybody. I will ask a couple of people who have shown an interest in this matter to attend.

To get the best from this meeting I would like anybody who has any questions to let Gabrielle or I have the questions and we will ask them on your behalf. This is your opportunity to have your concerns put to the people who are potentially doing the fracking, so if you do not take this chance please do not complain at a later stage.


You can get in touch with Paul by telephone on (Tel.  318077) and Gabrielle by email

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