Friday, 19 March 2021

News About Condition of Bielby Lane

Please find below the letter Chris Emptage received regarding resurfacing Bielby Lane.

Dear Mr Emptage  

Thank you for your email dated 27 February 2021, regarding Bielby Lane.  

Unfortunately, the recent wet and freezing weather conditions have caused the number of  potholes appearing in the East Riding to rise significantly.  

Minor repairs are ordered for Bielby Lane, following a further inspection completed last week.  

Regarding the issue of fully resurfacing the road, the funds available are allocated based on a  priority rating system of all of the roads within the East Riding, and the current ranking of Bielby  Lane makes it unlikely that it will be resurfaced any earlier than 2026.  

In the interim period we will continue to carry out minor repairs as required.  

Yours sincerely  

Paul Abbott  

Head of Housing, Transportation and Public Protection  

Sent on behalf of  

Paul Bellotti  

Director of Communities and Environment 

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