Thursday, 19 March 2020

Langlands Doing Deliveries

I have copied this from the Langlands Facebook page.

We are happy to announce our Shiptonthorpe Farm Shop are now taking orders for home deliveries!

We have locally-sourced:

- Milk 🥛
- Fruit & Veg 🍎🥦
- Free Range Eggs🥚
- Fresh Bread 🍞
- Fresh Meat 🥩
- Pies, Pasties & Pastries 🥧
- Langlands Made Cakes 🍰🧁
- Langlands Made Meals 🍽
- A wide range of confectioneries, condiments, biscuits & more 🍪
- A new range of tinned and pre-packed essentials 🥫

Please call the Shiptonthorpe Store 01430 873426 and press 2 for the Farm Shop

Alternatively call our Farm Shop Delivery Line on 07970924881

*Free Delivery on orders over £10 within a 5 miles radius*

*Delivering Monday - Friday*

Payment taken over the phone

At Langlands we are doing our utmost to support the local community, if you have any queries, questions or suggestions of how we can help vulnerable local people, please get in touch!

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