Friday, 27 October 2017

Free Ranging Hens & Cockerels

Hi All,

Just to say Thomas hatched off some chicks in the Summer so we now have 16 hens/cockerels.

They are not free ranging all the time but I am letting them out for short intervals everyday.

I just wanted to let the villagers who use Gale Carr Lane know, especially the dog walkers. One of the cockerels is definitely the boss and has chased after me when I have let them out. How long we will keep him depends on his temperament! We have got a few cockerels but we won't be keeping them all! We aim to keep one cockerel, so that  hopefully Thomas can see the hens hatch off their own chicks next Spring without having to use the incubator.

Here is the chief cockerel!

Any way just wanted to mention it as I don't want anyone being chased up the lane by Crocky the cockerel!! I think he would probably be more scared of strangers but best to know just in case.

The hen hut is located at the far end of the farm where the gravel area is for farm machinery.
Sara (at Common Farm)

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