Monday, 8 May 2017

Pocklington Police Report May 2017

Pocklington Provincial Update for May 2017

1. Priority
Issue: Pocklington Town Centre area (Evenings):

Throughout May we are to continue our high visibility patrols of the Pocklington Town Centre area to deter potential anti-social behaviour. These patrols include regular checks on peripheral areas at Pocklington Infants’ School, Maxwell Road (periodic reports of criminal damage and youths causing annoyance), All Saints Church (periodic reports of anti-social behaviour on an evening), the Tennis Club (reports of anti-social behaviour, (ASB)) and town car parks (reports of low level anti-social behaviour). Criminal offenders will be challenged robustly, arrested or reported for summons. Penalty Notices for Disorder or warning letters may be used in appropriate cases however, those who offend should expect to be arrested and dealt with if their anti social behaviour amounts to criminal offending.  The exercise of discretion should not be expected.

2. Pocklington – Vehicle related nuisance
To reduce anti-social behaviour (ASB) and its impact on the communities within the Pocklington area as well as taking positive action against offenders who cause ASB with their vehicles.  Hotspot areas in Pocklington will be checked regularly and any drivers using their cars to cause alarm or distress will be considered for warnings and possible seizure of their vehicles under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act.  

3. Examples of crimes in your area
  • A rear windscreen of a car parked in Pocklington was damaged.
  • The casing of a wing mirror was stolen from a parked car in Pocklington.
  • A container at Pocklington C of E Infant School was broken into and the items discarded nearby.
  • Stones were thrown at a property causing damage to a window.
  • Damage was caused to the entrance door and roof of Pocklington Church.
  • Two secure properties in Pocklington were broken into and searched.

4. News and Appeals
Going on your holidays?

Remember home security

Imagine that you have returned home after a fantastic holiday to discover your home has been burgled…it is not something the police want anyone to go through.

Just because you are on holiday does not mean burglars are taking time off too and if it looks like you are away then your home could become a target. We are urging everyone to check their holiday security before they go away and ensure their holiday is one to remember for the right reasons.

Follow our simple tips to secure your home against burglars:

• Make sure your windows and doors are locked. If you have a burglar alarm turn it on and leave the key or passcode with a family member or trusted neighbour.

• Remove and secure items that may be used to break in or climb into your home and lock your outbuilding so burglars can’t use the tools inside.

• Use automatic timer-switches to turn on lights and perhaps a radio when it gets dark.

• Ask a trusted neighbour or family member to come round and open and close curtains, plus move the post, so it looks like people are coming and going at your home.

• Cancel any newspaper or milk deliveries.

• Don't advertise that you are away. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can be a risk if people know you are away and your home is empty.

• Work with your neighbours to keep an eye on each other's homes. Neighbourhood Watch and Neighbourhood Networks encourage this type of community spirit and long term it may be worth joining one or setting one up in your street. For details visit: or contact your local policing team.

• Never leave keys anywhere near the front door; burglars know where to look. Consider fitting a letterbox cage or other restrictor to prevent burglars from putting their hands or gadgets through and opening the latches from the inside.

The public should call the police if they see people acting suspiciously in their community, if there is a burglary in progress or if they have details about those involved in criminality. This can be done using 999 in an emergency, 101 in a non-emergency or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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