Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Parish Transport Champion Volunteer

Parish Transport Champion
East Riding of Yorkshire Council has contacted all town and parish councils to seek their assistance in undertaking a county-wide assessment of transport needs, in order to work with parishes to develop the most appropriate ways of meeting these needs into the future. The council has asked parishes to nominate a Transport Champion. The Champion doesn’t have to be a parish councillor, but could be anyone with an interest in and enthusiasm for the role. 
The key things that the council is asking a Champion to help us with are set out below. Ongoing support will be directly available to champions from council staff.
  -Act as the parish’s point of contact with East Riding of Yorkshire Council on local transport issues.
  -Work with the council and other community members (perhaps through bringing together a local Transport Issues Group) to undertake local transport needs assessment using the Parish Transport Toolkit.
    -To organise, with other community members, local consultation on transport issues. This could be through household transport surveys, public meetings, or through discussions with local residents.
   -Report back on progress to your parish or town council, and with other community members, help to publicise and promote the local transport services that are available in your parish.
If anyone would like to volunteer for this role please contact Gabrielle (gabbyrose14@gmail.com

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