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Market Weighton Policing Update March 2017

Market Weighton Policing Update March 2017
1. Priority

Issue: Market Weighton Town Centre area (Evenings):
Throughout March, we are to continue our High Visibility patrols of the Market Weighton Town Centre area to deter potential anti-social behaviour (ASB). These patrols include regular checks on the High Street and peripheral areas of Londesborough Road Car Park, Scotts Croft Memorial Park, the town council building area and the area surrounding the Giant Bradley statue (periodic reports of youths causing annoyance). Criminal offenders will be challenged robustly, arrested or reported for summons. Penalty Notices for Disorder or warning letters may be used in appropriate cases however, those who offend should expect to be arrested and dealt with if their anti social behaviour amounts to criminal offending.  The exercise of discretion should not be expected.

2. Priority

Issue: Youths Causing Annoyance (Evenings):
Officers will continue patrols in the areas of Aspen Close, the park, the monkey run & football field due to regular reports of low level anti-social behaviour. Anyone caught engaging in such activities will be dealt with jointly with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

3.    Community Priorities - To target Poaching, Rural Crime and reduce criminal damage and Anti Social Behaviour
  1. Wolds Weighton-  Farmwatch, Poaching & Wildlife Crime
The aim of this crime reduction initiative is to deter and prevent rural crime and increase links with partnership agencies and local landowners to provide a rural watch scheme to further prevent and deter crime. The victims are in isolated locations and the key objective is to engage with these isolated members of the rural community. Operation Galileo is a poaching initiative which is ongoing and is now being monitored by PCSO Cliffe.

  1. Market Weighton ASB
To reduce anti-social behaviour and its impact on the Communities within the Market Weighton areas. Looking at early intervention with local agency partners to prevent escalation and cross over into criminality. Hotspot areas have been checked regularly and the local policing team are continuing to monitor.  Currently there are ongoing applications for Community Behaviour orders for two youths in the Market Weighton area.

4. Meetings
You are invited to attend any of the below meetings:

Police “Drop In” Surgery at the Village Hall, Shiptonthorpe
PCSO Nikki Cliffe will be available at the above location to discuss community issues and offer crime prevention advice between 10:30 to 11:30 hours on the following dates: 16th March and 27th April.

Police “Drop In Surgery” at Market Weighton Library:
PCSO Nikki Cliffe will be available at the above location to discuss community issues and offer crime prevention advice on the following dates: 14th March and 11th April (11:00 to 12:00 hours)

Police “Drop In Surgery” at Wetwang Village Hall Coffee Morning:
PCSO Laura Hudson will be available at the above location to discuss community issues and offer crime prevention advice between 10:30 to 12:00 hours on the 4th April.

Police “Drop In Surgery” at Market Weighton Methodist Church Coffee Morning:
PCSO Laura Hudson will be available at the above location to discuss community issues and offer crime prevention advice between 11:00 to 12:00 hours on the 5th April.

5. Examples of Crimes in your area
  • Entry was gained into a conservatory in Market Weighton and a coat and key were stolen.
  • Two metal farm gates were stolen from the Full Sutton area.
  • A secure van in North Dalton was broken into and tools stolen.

6. News and Appeals


Often the security of gardens and the outbuildings in them are forgotten about while people focus on ensuring their homes are safe. However by making a few modifications, sheds and garages, along with the equipment stored in them can be made more secure.
So if you haven’t assessed your security for some time then we would urge you to look at your sheds, garages and outbuildings and see how secure they really are. Do you need a better lock, an alarm, lighting, or even CCTV?  Below are some areas to consider:
  • Make sure your shed or garage is secured with a good quality lock.  Consider bolting a pad-bolt to your door with domed coach bolts and large penny washers and nuts with nylon inserts on the inside, instead of simple screws which can be easily prised through soft or rotten wood. Use 2 pad bolts spaced evenly for better security. Use large, good quality padlocks with hardened steel shanks.
  • Use the same methods for fixing hinges as with the pad-bolts, if the hinges are small, use security screws which can’t be unscrewed.
  • Keep back gates locked when not used.
  • Do you have security/motion sensor lights? They can be a great deterrent if your home or garden is secluded from street lighting.
  • Garden tools, DIY equipment and leisure items such as fishing and golf equipment should be locked away in storage cupboards within outbuildings to form a second line of defence to thieves.
  • Motorbike and pedal cycles should also be locked even when they are in a shed or garage.
  • Many shed/garage windows are never used, if this is the case – why not screw them shut. Fitting mesh or steel bars across the window from the inside allows light to enter but means the thief has to go to a lot of trouble to remove them. Replace broken glass with laminated glass.
  • If you have a household alarm consider extending it to cover your outbuildings, fit a bespoke shed/garage alarm or buy an inexpensive, but effective battery operated shed alarm.  Anything which makes a loud noise will send a thief running!
  • As well as protecting property in sheds and garages, people can also stop thieves stealing plants by using heavy plant pots which will be less desirable to walk off with.
  • For reference record a description and add photographs of your cycles, golf clubs, fishing equipment, tools and any other valuable property on www.immobilise.com
Finally when you're out in your garden, ensure your house is secure to prevent “sneak in” burglars from taking advantage of an open door or window as opportunistic criminals are always on the lookout!

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