Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Pocklington Provincial Update for November 2016

Pocklington Provincial Update for November 2016

1.    Priority
Issue: Pocklington Town Centre area (Evenings):

Throughout November, we are to continue our High Visibility patrols of the Pocklington Town Centre area to deter potential anti-social behaviour. These patrols include regular checks on peripheral areas at Pocklington Infants’ School, Maxwell Road (periodic reports of criminal damage and youths causing annoyance), All Saints Church (periodic reports of anti-social behaviour on an evening) and town car parks (reports of low level anti-social behaviour). Criminal offenders will be challenged robustly, arrested or reported for summons. Penalty Notices for Disorder or warning letters may be used in appropriate cases however, those who offend should expect to be arrested and dealt with if their anti social behaviour amounts to criminal offending.  The exercise of discretion should not be expected.

2    Priority
Issue: Youths causing annoyance with Vehicles, Stamford Bridge (Evenings):

Officers will continue patrols in Stamford Bridge and the Viking Road car park. Anyone caught engaging in anti-social behaviour will be dealt with under the FAIRWAY process jointly with East Riding of Yorkshire Council. It is unlikely that any discretion will be shown.  Also drivers using their cars to cause alarm or distress will be considered for warnings and possible seizure of their vehicles under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act.

3.    Examples of crimes in your area
  • A secure van was broken into and tools stolen.
  • A male was disturbed in a “sneak in“ burglary in Barmby Moor.
  • The paint work of a car in Stamford Bridge was damaged as a result of it being scratched by a sharp implement.
  • A blue wheelie bin was set on fire.

4.    News and Appeals
Halloween and Bonfire Night

Halloween is a time of fun for kids and families.  But it’s not fun for everyone.

Humberside Police knows not everyone wants to be involved in Halloween and there are times when what seems innocent fun to some people, can bring real fear to elderly or vulnerable residents.

Humberside Police are carrying out a campaign over the Halloween and Bonfire Night period to help combat associated crime, reduce incidents of anti-social behaviour and provide advice and support to local communities.

Chief Inspector James Glansfield who is overseeing the policing operation said:

“Officers from community policing teams have visited schools across the force area to speak about anti-social behaviour urging youngsters to enjoy the festivities without becoming a nuisance in their neighbourhood.

“We would ask parents and carers to keep children safe and to know where they are and what they are doing. Mischief Night is not a license to cause criminal damage.

“A local agreement with retailers is also being refreshed to remind them of their responsibility not to sell flour and eggs to youngsters on the run up to Halloween and Mischief Night.”

“Please note that fireworks, including sparklers, can only be purchased from registered sellers for private use between 15 October to 10 November.  At other times fireworks can only be bought from licensed shops.  You can be fined up to £5,000 and/or imprisoned for up to 6 months for selling or using fireworks illegally. You could also get an on-the-spot fine of £90.  Shops that sell fireworks are reminded that it is illegal to sell fireworks to anyone under the age of 18.”

The Humberside Police website and Facebook page will be featuring crime prevention advice, a printable copy of the "Sorry no trick or treat" posters, the “Haunter’s Code” and a poster specifically aimed at preventing youngsters buying eggs and flour from shops on the run up to Halloween and Mischief Night.

Chief Inspector Glansfield added:

"Sorry no trick or treat" posters will also be available from local police officers for those who do not wish to be disturbed on Halloween.

“The number of calls for service we receive could have an impact on our response times so please bear this in mind.  If your call is not urgent please don’t block the lines preventing other important calls coming through.”

Humberside Police would like to offer the following crime prevention advice to people for Halloween. By following this simple advice you could prevent yourself from becoming a victim of crime.

* If you don’t want callers at your home on Halloween please display the "Sorry no trick or treat" poster in your window and/or on your door. This will let people who are out taking part in the festivities know that you do not wish to be disturbed.

* Are you taking your child/children out trick or treating or to a bonfire display? If so please don’t make your home a target for a burglar.  An opportunist thief will know that people will be out and about leaving their homes empty. Make it look like you have somebody at home by leaving a light on and NEVER leave valuables on display.

* If you are driving, then make sure that you don't leave anything on display when you leave your vehicle. Thieves work under the cover of darkness and will damage your vehicle to get to anything you might leave on the seats or foot well.

* Make sure your children are safe and be aware that there will be a number of people out and about between peak hours of 4pm to 8pm.

* Please be aware that during Halloween, and the nights running up to it, calls to police, especially in relation to ASB, can be significantly higher than normal. This may increase the call answering times so please be aware of this.

* THINK do you really need to call the police? Calls for service are generally higher around this time of year so please consider if it is the police you really need and just how important is it?

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