Tuesday, 14 June 2016

ERYC Bus Service Pre-Consultation Briefing: 20th June 2016

ERYC Bus Service Pre-Consultation Briefing: 20th June 2016 4pm.
A pre-consultation briefing to explain the Council's proposals prior to approval to consult on them being sought.
Over the last six years, East Riding of Yorkshire Council has responded to the challenges faced by shrinking local government funding settlements, by reviewing all services to ensure that they continue to meet the needs of our residents.  This review process has achieved £118 million worth of savings since 2010 but there is still another £60 million to find, although we are a long way towards identifying these additional savings.
In providing any bus service it is vital that either the commercial bus company or the local council in supporting it, ensures that the bus service meets the current up to date strategic transport needs of the communities which it serves.  Any review of bus services therefore has to start by asking local people what their strategic transport needs are.
A Transport Needs Assessment Process, started in September 2015, and led by 72 parish transport champions, generated over 3,300 transport needs assessment forms.  These were then analysed and the key strategic transport needs which they identified, together with the Council's Statutory duties in regards to bus services, reflected into a proposal for a new network of bus services, which, if approved would commence on 1st April 2017. 
The briefing will be held on Monday 20th June 2016 in Room 1, County Hall, Cross Street, Beverley HU17 9BA, at 4pm.  Those attending should arrive at County Hall reception, where they will be met and shown to the meeting room. Tea and Coffee will be available.

If anyone would like to attend this event please could they email Gabrielle  (gabbyrose14@gmail.com)

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