Friday, 18 March 2016

Onshore Oil and Gas Licences

Information about the onshore oil and gas licences offered in December.

You can visit this link to read information about the 14th Round of onshore oil and gas license offers. The attached spreadsheet includes details on the work programmes for licence blocks. Spreadsheet can be viewed by this link

It’s important to note that Cuadrilla is still in the licence offer stage, so no licences have yet been awarded and the company is not due to formally accept any of the offered licences until later this year.

Row 24 of the spreadsheet shows the licence blocks – SE74 and SE84 – which cover Bielby Parish. If Cuadrilla is awarded these licence blocks, the company would be firmly committed to acquiring new two dimensional geophysical (2D seismic) data within 5 years of the licence award. This will enable Cuadrilla to understand the subsurface geology of the licence area and help to assess where potential exploration sites could be located.
Afterwards, the company would need to decide to either drill an exploration well or relinquish these licences. Any future proposed exploration sites would be the subject of a planning application to East Riding Council, applications to the Environment Agency, Health and Safety Executive, and Department of Energy and Climate Change for regulatory approvals, along with extensive public consultation. 

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