Thursday, 14 January 2016

Ladies That Latte Meet 4th February 2016

Sue Doherty has emailed re some groups she has set up in the area.

I set up the first Ladies that Latte coffee meet last year in response to requests on the POCKLINGTON! facebook page from women who had seen the Ladies That group in York and felt that we should have something similar in this area. The York group has been established for some time and offers a wide range of activities to members in exchange for a membership fee.

Our "Ladies that" groups are different in that there is no membership commitment and no charge to take part in events other than the cost of buying a drink or the event itself. The first meeting took place on Thursday 14th January at 7pm at Mr Chu's.
Members age from around 30 to 50ish and many are already active in their community, others however may be working from home, recently retired or new to the area. I am fortunate however that
they all share a great sense of friendship and enthusiasm as well as am impressive range of skills and experience.

The next meet up is the Ladies That Latte group on 4th February at 10am at the Pig In The Willow Cafe East Cottingwith.

Our hope is that there will be more "Ladies That" groups in the future as our members buddy up to
take part in local activities and classes as well as hosting their own events. We currently have plans in place for a Ladies that Walk" group through the spring and summer months and also plan to host a canal trip
later this year.

As there is no membership fee, the event is open to all regardless of income and all members are encouraged to share their interests and skills in order to provide a variety of interesting events or activities on a one off or regular basis. Events are promoted through village newsletters, face book for sale pages as well as local
media. Anyone interested in taking part is encouraged to join our Ladies the Latte facebook page in order to share ideas and keep up to date with events and activities.

If anyone would like more information please visit our facebook page or contact me directly at

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