Thursday, 3 January 2013

Broadband in Bielby

Broadband in Bielby

We applied to Quickline Communications just before Christmas and today, without any warning, their man arrived to carry out a site survey and test the system performance. Unfortunately for us, the download speed was no better than we currrently get from BT. The problem is that there are trees at the north end of the village that block our direct line of sight to the mast in Pocklington. As a result the system will be of no benefit to us and we will not be charged.

The engineer, who was apparently very nice, did say that if there was a business user in a suitable location in the village, they could put up a local relay station. For this to be viable the relay station would need to be powered full time and they would need at least 5 domestic users to take their service. They do not normally set up relay stations in domestic properties.

 If there is still some interest in taking this further or you want to volunteer as a potential relay station host please let me know or get in touch with Quickline. Just in case anyone is wondering, I have absolutely no business or family connection with the company at all.

Gareth Jones

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