Sunday, 16 December 2012

Broadband in Bielby

Broadband in Bielby For those of you wondering about my last post on this subject I have subsequently contacted Quickline Communications with a view to taking up a contract with them. They suggest we should achieve download speeds of 10-14 Mb/sec which is about 15-20 times what we currently achieve with BT. The cost is a one off charge of £195 for installation of the aerial, receiver and router and then £25.50 per month. I will be sending off the paperwork in the next few days with installation due early next year. Gareth Jones


  1. Hi Gareth,
    I tried asking them a question on-line about what I need to keep with BT (my current provider)but no response as yet, can I cancel the broadband package I have with them, meaning I lose my bt email, and then just keep the line rental and call package with BT?
    Graham Tew
    PS Merry christmas to you guys too.

  2. Ours is being installed today :)

  3. Hi Gareth,

    Thanks for sharing this with everyone. I knew that such technology existed but didn't realise there was a mast within range of Bielby. The Bielby Blogmaster will be also looking at getting this service.