Sunday, 25 November 2012

Wireless Internet Service

I noticed in todays Pocklington Post (23rd Nov) that an East Yorkshire company called Quickline Communications has just installed a mast near Pocklington. This will provide a wireless internet service which promises to give a much faster data transmission rate than the current copper cables from the Melbourne telephone exchange. Typically we get around 0.7 MB/sec download speeds with BT but Quickline suggests their system speeds could be up to 40 MB/sec. Their website suggests that Bielby would be well within the coverage range of the Pocklington mast.

The advertised cost is a bit higher than the available wired systems but not unduly so. We are considering trying the service and would be interested to know if anyone else in the village has already obtained a connection to this supplier. If anyone has any information we would be interested to know and, if we finally take the plunge and give it a go, we will let you know how it performs.

Gareth Jones
Walbut Dene

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