Sunday, 21 October 2012

Meeting About State Of Roads

Paul attended a state of our roads meeting on behalf of the village with the highways authority. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the state of roads around our villages. I took views of the villagers to this meeting, however it was only a short meeting and more about the council explaining their strategy for the roads and getting our views on this. The main focus of the Council was to carry out long term strategic improvements to the road from the B1228 to Mill Lane at Seaton Ross, up to Rytham Gate, along the road to Melbourne. This is to encourage larger vehicles to avoid villages when making their way to the A1079. Not sure what the people of Allerthorpe will think of this as it will increase the traffic flow through there. If anybody wants a clearer explanation of this Paul will be happy to give this. Paul has two email addresses for people to contact about road issues. The following is the gentleman who deals with smaller maintenance work and Paul will contact him with the issues brought up at the meeting on Monday, but you are free to contact him yourself if you so wish. There will be a follow up meeting in January when it is hoped the council will have more news on whether they have been able to obtain the funding required for the improvements necessary. Paul

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