Friday, 27 April 2012

Learn About Instruments & Music Played In Ancient East Riding

On Friday 18th May at 7.30 pm in St Giles's Church, Bielby the "Bells and Bagpipes Wood and Leather Strings and Things Like Horn and Leather" event will take place. 

This event is a light-hearted look at instruments and music once played in the ancient East Riding - by Tim Bayley and John Peel of The York Waits (last gig, fanfaring HM the Queen in York, now playing Bielby!)

Tickets: £5 adults (Children 16 and under free) includes light refreshments (proceeds to church's upkeep) available from 01759-318311 (only 55 tickets - so early booking advisable)

Instruments will include: shawm, flute, 8" recorder, 8' recorder (yes, 8' ), pipe and tabor, trumpet, sackbut, busine, bell, horn, gemshorn, crumhorn, lute, psaltery, harp, portative organ, English bagpipes, French bagpipes, Flemish bagpipes, (no Scottish bagpipes), curtal, rackett, hurdy-gurdy, cittern, maybe more......

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