Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Waterfall To Be Discussed At Parish Meeting

Paul, the Chair of the Parish Meeting, has asked me to add this to the website.
"You may have received a note through your letterbox on Monday relating to the waterfall at the Old Mill. I was asked on Saturday to look in to this matter as the Chair of the Parish meeting and to put it on the agenda for the next meeting in April. I agreed this was the correct way to deal with this matter and spoke to a number of people on Sunday. I am very disappointed that this note has been delivered, two days later, without giving the issue the chance to be discussed in a responsible way at the meeting so everybody can have their view heard. This note was very unhelpful, aggressive and not based around any factual evidence and the person sending it did not have the decency to sign it, therefore I would ask you to ignore this note and come to the meeting to hear all the facts and make your own minds up, that includes the mystery person writing this note."
Thank you
Paul Ward
Chair of the Parish Meeting

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  1. Peter Young emailed to say,

    I think the person who posted the scare note on the waterfall should firstly look at the cause of the last flood, which was the blockage of the beck by fallen trees and rubish blocking the beck further upstream,the beck overflowed and ran across the fields and down the road into the vilage. As far as I can see should there be an overflow at the mill it would flood the mill first but I feel this is most unlikely
    Provided the beck is maintained there should be no problems. If Neil Readman and his volunteers hadn't cleared the beck of fallen trees and rubbish the village would flood every time it rains heavily.
    Peter Young