Friday, 2 December 2011

Get Your Car Ready For Winter

Rachael has sent me a copy of the November edition of the Wold & Weighton Streetbeat Newsletter which had a useful article about getting your car ready for Winter.
Get Your Car Ready For Winter By Sergeant Peter Rogers

Pocklington and Wolds Weighton Neighbourhood Policing Team

Now that the dark nights are upon us, the regular appearance of vehicles with one only headlight working shows up how many people aren’t considering a few simple checks before setting out on journeys.

Bulbs blow on vehicles; it’s happened to all of us, but we do need to consider our safety when out on the roads, particularly at this time of year in the rural areas. And it’s not just headlamps that can catch us out. The cold and dirt of a winter’s day can put us at risk

So here are a few suggestions that should help:

- Make sure you check your lights before you set out. You might even consider carrying a spare light bulb or two.

- Make sure your window washer is full of water and screen wash. To run out of water in the dark on muddy roads is not a safe or pleasant experience.

- Check the tyres. Have they got a decent amount of tread on them and are they at the correct pressure? If in doubt, get them checked!

- Think about what you might need if you break down in the cold. Is there a blanket in the car?

- Consider having a mobile phone with you “just in case”.

- Always keep a good torch in your vehicle

- Have you some decent de-icer and a window scraper on board? If not, get some.

- Is there anti freeze in your radiator?

- Have you made sure that your headlamps are clean? It’s amazing how much light is lost if they’re covered in dirt, particularly on unlit roads.

- Are your registration plates clean?

- Do you drive with your fog lights or spotlights on when it’s not foggy? Well don’t! It is an offence and it is very distracting to other drivers in addition to being very inconsiderate!

Remember, you can be summonsed for defective lighting, registration or tyre offences, so do check your vehicle before you go out!

These are only a few simple ideas, but they will make the difference between being safe on our roads at night and putting yourself, your passengers and other road users at risk.

And day or night, if your car is iced up, make sure that the windows and windscreen are fully clear before beginning to drive. It’s very dangerous (and an offence) to try driving with a peep hole in your windscreen! That extra few minutes cleaning your windows could save your life, or someone else’s!

So, there we are: a few suggestions on being safe on the roads. Please consider them. They might save your life or somebody else’s! Drive carefully!

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